Awesome air ambulance pilot

This bloke is the nuts

That takes a lot of skill mate! :wink:

It’s also a technique used by the military… :cool:


A lot of air ambulance pilots are ex-military anyway aren’t they?

Very nice move, as you said a huge amount of skill.

I have alot of respect for that guys takes alot of skill and cojones :cool:

I’ve heard that learning to fly a helicopter - in terms of co-ordination - is similar to patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time - i.e. it’s difficult. . . until you get the hang of it - and even then you have to be really on the ball flying these things.

Not only that, but the guys that fly the Apache attack helicopters have to use their eyes independantly. One eye watches the regular dashboard and stuff, whilst the other has a Head Up Display mounted in front of it which controls other systems like the weapons etc… :cool:




Heh, not quite, I don’t think even helicopter pilots can use their eyes independently of one-another. You’d be a bit of a lizard freak if that was the case! Still, you do have to be bloody good to be a helicopter pilot!

The eye tracking helmets are used by the gunner (not the pilot) in Apache’s to move the turret of the cannon. It doesn’t fire it though, that’s done by hand.

I’ve thought about doing helicopter lessons before, but it’s quite expensive and time consuming. Props to the ambulance pilots.

Also, hats off to the guys who are brave/nuts enough to strap themselves to the outside of one to try and rescue one of their comrades who was already feared to be dead! :cool:

Sadly, the guy they went back for had already died of his injuries! :frowning:



I have it on reliable information from a friend of mine who is ground crew for the Apache Longbow that it’s exactly what they do! It’s why only a certain few can fly the Apache! :wink:

Also, the gunner controls the main armaments (missiles etc…) whilst the pilot has control of the 20mm cannon. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen these things up close, and watched a firepower demo when the British Forces first got the Apache Longbow off the Americans. Fantastic peice of kit, and devastatingly effective! :cool:

its 30 mike mike remember not 20:D :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it? I thought it was a 20mm? I stand corrected! :slight_smile: