Avoid Vauxhall Cross

Whole junction snarled up at Vauxhall Cross, it was queuing all the way back to Newington Butts as I came in that way. Avoid if you can.

I could see bike police in the road as I approached and I went along South Lambeth Road to avoid going under the railway bridge so can’t say for sure, but when I got into the office one of my colleagues said it was a biker down. Don’t know if that’s true but hope they’re Ok if so.

The whole area seems to be grid locked at the mo:w00t:

It’s true, there was a motorcycle down. By the time I went past, the police had cornered off about 3 lanes and the motorcycle was just laying there. I hope whoever was on it is alright.

i passed about 5 mins after it happend.

there was a cyclist down and a bike and ridder down about 20 meters along. looked like the push bike was crossing from bus station towards south lambeth road an was hit by the bike, grey triumph sprint? old shape top box i think?

hope there both ok it looked nasty… cold lying on the road at 6 30 am…