Average temperatures when commuting?

Hey all,

I’ve had a bit of an overheating issue on my 1998 Fireblade RRW. I’ve replaced the thermostat and replaced fan switch and radiator cap. All seems ok this morning, didn’t bubble over, but the temperature still seems high to me.

ON M1 it’s fine and sits at around 76º, once i turn off onto A41 with relatively bevy but flowing traffic it’s at around 92º, and when I get through to riding through soho and static traffic on regent street, it’ll get up to around 104-105º before the fan cuts in. It doesn’t go above 105º, but does this sound right?

Obviously I’m concerned about head gasket, but there’s no oil in water or vice versa.

I may just be being paranoid about the temperatures!


my triumph runs around 79 on the A12 Stretch North Essex bound

when I get into Romford & start the filtering its around 83

when I get into the city & stuck in traffic it does rise to 104 before the fan cuts in it hasn’t gone above that

its always been like that so its similar to yours

Nice one, thanks Wise… think I just need some reassurance!

I get similar temps on my XJ6, fan kicks in around 100 and never goes over 103. If it is a sealed cooling system these readings are fine in my unqualified opinion.

I get similar reading on my FZ6


look in your manual, it should tell you when the fan is meant to kick in.

My Fazer 1000 (with Power Commander) used to get to
over 110 degrees C regularly and the fan was on
permanently for the second half of my commute.
While on fast runs it stayed around 85.

Check your manual, normal running temp for my R6 is
about the same as the Fazer, ie. up to 116 degrees C.

Now my naked SV650 never goes over 85 even on my commute.
Like I’ve said before… the SV makes an ideal commuter :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same experience - by the time I’m getting to central London and everything is grinding to a halt the temp regularly hits the kind of figures you are talking about and the fan kicks in.

It shouldn’t damage the bike so long as the temp stays at the point where the fan kicks in when it should start going down - obviously if your temp keeps going up you should switch your engine off.

Some people fit manual fan switches to bring the fan in earlier but if the manufacture reckons the bike can cope with hitting these temps before the fan cuts in I’ll take their word for it.

Guy I was talking to at the Yam shop said one of the reasons the bikes run quite hot before the fan is calibrated to cut in is emissions related (running hotter more efficient and less emissions?).

On of the benefits of winter is I forget the fan sends horrible hot air straight at my leg in the summer

And the XJ6 exhaust that cooks your right thigh. I think I need a new pipe in summer for comfort reasons.

Is that the line to give to the other half to persuade her that some bling is worth it? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think she’d know if I changed the whole bike as long as I got another black one.