Average speed Cameras on the A406

So we know about the Average speed cameras on the A40 which I think are now operational.

I was travelling on the A406 yesterday and saw the same style cameras on various locations on the A406. There were no ‘Average Speed Camera’ signs like the ones on the A40 but i’m guessing these cameras will be operational soon.

Anyone know when exactly they will ne live on the A406?

Where? The NCR is a long road.

I’ve seen some new cameras a little bit further from Ace towards m1(possibly goes even further).

I don’t think the A40 ones are operational yet. At least I hope not!

A406 will be from hanger lane to A1 don’t know when going live. A40 go live in October?? That’s all I’ve managed to find out so far.

Anyone notices the cameras going missing?

Originally 2 on each post, but noticed that 3 cameras have gone on the sites closest to the ace

According to Tfl:

The four locations TfL will be trialling average speed cameras along the TfL Road Network are:
A2 (between Black Prince and the Blackwall Tunnel)
A40 (between the Polish War Memorial and Paddington slip road)
A316 (between the M3 and Hogarth Roundabout)
A406 North Circular Road (between Hanger Lane and Bounds Green Road)

Do you think the cameras can catch a motorcycle’s registration plate if it’s being driven to the far left or right of the road? Reason I am asking is because they put the white “L” markings by every set and I am assuming that those are marked boxes the cameras are pointed at.

Cbr they are just refrence marks not the actual working zone same ad gatso marking… feel free to try exceeding the limit through one of those off the lines to try your theory


Given the resolution and image quality you have no chance.

Another new camera going up this morning just after the bridge near bounds green going West bound

Safer travel on the A40
23 October 2015
From Monday, a new average speed camera system on the A40 will come into operation
The new technology, which is similar to the one already in operation along the A13, will run from the Polish War Memorial to Paddington slip road. Any vehicle exceeding the speed limit along this stretch of road will receive a fine from the police, helping to make roads safer.

Further systems along the A406, A316 and A2 are also currently being installed and will begin operating next year.

Shame about the A2, easy to make progress even in a car.

It’s bloody ridiculous.

nooo A316 might have to change route…

A406 bounds green gantrys up now. A10 speed cameras gone. Only one remains

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