AV and computer fault finding

Ive got an interview lined up for the morning will be shown around afew sites and then asked to fix afew faults with computers projectors, tv’s, lcd’s etc.

I can get my head round alot of things to find whats wrong but would like afew pointers to look for as its all rather new to me and would like to move on to something better.

man there are a lot of things, burn ins, dead pixels, proejctor bulb issues, bad wiring and lots more:)

I assume you will not be looking at actual machines, fault finding in PC’s?

Anyhow good luck.

ill be going to different sites where the advertising is installed its left there until something goes wrong and one of use has to go fix it if it cant be fixed via remote pc

shut down & restart :hehe:

Will solve most of your problems.

Other things to look out for with projectors is to make sure that the right input is selected. Ie, the signal coming in is svhs and in the software it is set to vga. Some are autosensing most aren’t.

The biggest mistake people usually make with digital projectors is assuming they’ll auto select the source like a television does. They are usually configured by default not to do this so when you are setting one up look at the label on the input you are connecting your source to and cycle through the inputs on the projector until the correct one is selected.Also with projectors (especially ones which are left on all the time) the dust filter will eventually get clogged and the projector will over heat and shut down. When you come to turn it on again it’ll work fine because it has cooled down so if you come accross one which is shutting down for no apparent reason check the condition of the filter. These can be replaced or cleaned by blasting with a can of compressed air.

For an LCD panel you need to know the correct (native) resolution to send the picture to it from the PC or it will not look correct. This information is in the screen documentation or you can look it up on the internet. This is true whether you are sending over HDMI or VGA.

Other than that if there is a fault start by examining the cables. I’ve reinstalled my sound card on my PC once and then realised the cable had fallen out, I also re flashed my Garmin because it wasn’t working and then realised that it was a faulty USB cable.

Other than those things have a good look at whatever it is you are trying to fix before you get stuck in, you may notice water damage etc on the casing that you wouln’t have seen if you’d just jumped straight into the box.

big thankyou guys except pan you just suck :slight_smile: just feel like im jumping into the deep end with this so all info i can get should help atleast ill have some knowledge instead of going in blind.

feeling the loveeee!! :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck by way!! malaka!