Autocom / Starcom

Anybody fitted them or used them.

Any opinions or suggestions?

I’ve been using an Autocom Logic hub with a Kenwood Pro-talk transmitting radio pretty much every day for five years and had no problems…

The hub can run off rechargeable AA batteries or hard wired to your bike. It also takes Sat-nav audio, MP3/iPod, Mobile phone and can be used for Rider to Pillion comms too…

Bike to bike comms have been simplified over the last couple of years where a mic/ear-piece and transmit/receive radio is all you need, but speaking to other Instructors who’ve tried them, thery’re not as reliable as the Autocom kit…

I used an Autocom for rider-pillion intercom purposes for a couple of years. When working, the sound quality is excellent - far superior to the Scala Rider G4 I’m using now. Plus being wired in you didn’t need to worry about charging.

The downside was the wires, either in the helmet or the power to the bike, kept breaking. Also, the little red plug that connects the microphone to the earphones would often slip out whilst riding. I didn’t want to get rid of mine but I got fed up with the continual issues - and I’m a Ducati rider…

I’m not totally convinced with the bluetooth Scala Rider, particularly as the signal keeps dropping out and my pillion frequently can’t hear me, but I’d struggle to recommend an autocom unless they do something about the design and quality of the connectors.

I’d say the same as Stuart with Starcom- the connectors dont last very long I have bent pins inside the connector a few times. It also stopped working when I got very wet on the RBLR 1000.

Bike to Bike is 6/10, hard wired to pillion I’d give 8.5/10.

What do you want to do, what functions do you need? You can have a play with my setup some time if it helps.

What I would like to do be able to listen to music/radio and have the Garmin 660 SatNav plumbed in as. Which rider to rider later if needed.

And no batteries, I don’t want to be riding most of the day and have something that would only last a couple of hours.

I use the Starcom on my bikes.

Starcom Unit
Garmin 550/660
Hard wired to helmet coms

Helmet has mike fitted inside then my ear defenders/speakers plug into the helmet

I also have a PTT button if I want to use 2 Way Radios

Works well for me. :smiley:

The radio signal on the Scala Rider G4 (FM radio only) is pretty good, and has a line in for your mp3 player - could also pair via bluetooth. You can also pair it with your Garmin, assuming it has bluetooth as well. The battery life should last you a day’s riding. It’s the rider to pillion bit - what I actually bought it for - that we’re struggling with!

I’m not sold on the Scala Rider. Why have a streamlined aerodynamic helmet and then put a large box on the side? And I have spoken to people who have them and sometimes they where struggling to get 4 or 5 hours use out of them. If you’re on the bike from 0800 in the more till 1800 at night, then you have a morning’s use out of it.

I’m definitely looking at a hardwire unit, and wanted to know how people have got on with either the Autocom or Starcom.

I’m not sold on it either, and I own one. If anyone has tips on how to keep the Autocom from splitting, please share!

That’s exactly what I’ve got, maybe I’ve fitted it like a bellend but I get interference. Do you never bend the connectors? Mind they’re not that weak, one dangled into my sprocket once and survived :smiley:

Yes I have bent a few pins (I how keep them lubed with WD40 it seems to help.
I have also destroyed Leads leaving the channel tunnel in a rush I now carry a spare lead.
I am trying to sort out some good quality radios, Motorola ? :smiley:

The interference can be caused by the position of the unit on the bike.

I have also started to use a Fusebox to keep it all tidy. :smiley:

Andreas set up. :slight_smile:

I was leaning towards the Autocom, but Infinity has stopped selling them.

What model do you have Mark?

CGB (03/01/2013)

if you hard wire your autocom/starcom the interference is from the AC generated from the alternator you need an inline suppressor in the power feed to cure it, also worth checking your spark plugs the cheaper option plugs even if its the correct spark plug also causes interference the spark plug letters refer to suppressed and non suppressed types a mechanic fitted the wrong type once to one of my learner bikes my student got very bad interference on his radio every time he sat on the bike took me a week to figure it out. i replaced the plugs with suppressed types and cured the problem, i stopped using the mechanic.

for rider to pillion and rider to rider i have been using scala rider q2 units with no proplems at all, no wires no hassle and all day comms also connects to my phone/satnav via bluetooth and an input socket for the ipod when im touring, no wires no mess no fuss the G4 however is a huge pile of poo

just me experience and ten pennies worth

Starcom advance

Never needed to use suppressors and I’ve fitted them to several different bikes. :smiley:

Any shops in the London area sell them? Or is it all on line now?

Yeah I’d give the Starcom Advance system a good review as well. I use it rider to pillion and have it cable tied in under the seat of my VFR and run the power wires to the battery internally. Sound quality is great at any speed. You can buy all the bits indivually if needed (e.g. you want to have an extra headset for a spare helmet) from Starcom.

Autocom/Starcom will be at the London Motorbike Show in a couple of weeks time if you’re around. You can probably get ‘show’ prices for a system as well. (They are listed in exhibitors as Tecstar Electronics Limited)

Well in the end I’ve gone for a Starcom. Both Starcom and Autocom are owned by the same company, and I had a good chat with the guys there, and the differences are:

  1. Starcom is sold directly from their website
  2. Autocom is sold through dealers
  3. Autocom has a higher fidelity audio system (but I was hard pushed to tell the difference)
  4. Starcom is the smaller of the units so if you are tight on space this is the one to go for.

Other than that it is down the individual choice, cost and expandability.

I’m happy with the scala Rider G4 use it all the time for bike to bike.

Charge seems to last for ages. You do have update the software.

Does the job.

ive got interfone f4 system, had for 2 years, works well for me, battery life is brilliant, i can use it daily for music/fone and it lasts a full 7 days before i need to re-charge, The clarity is excellent, and i cannot be doing with cables.

Much easier.