Autobahn: 1000 miles in 2 days

The other day I spontaneously decided to visit a mate in Hamburg and rode there on a whim – just shy of 500 road miles due north of here, 98% of it autobahn. Today, the same route back with a slight variation, going via Wurzburg on the A7/A3 instead of via Frankfurt/A5, less than 6 hours including some long munchie and fuel breaks and much nicer road on the bit that was different.

What do you say after crossing Germany twice on a Honda Superblackbird? WHAAAAA!!! :w00t::w00t:

I learned that:

  • Stiff lean angle at 70mph is one thing, stiff lean angle at 140 mph is quite another
  • Nothing is as infuriating as people clogging up the fast lane at 120 mph holding you up :smiley:
  • Crossing a gorge on a giant motorway bridge on stilts at silly speed is about as mind blowing as I imagine flying a fighter jet at low altitude would be… beyond words, really…Try it!!
  • From 120mph+ a Blackbird makes this really eerie, spooky whining sound – must be the ram-air system? Or is it the Reaper flying behind me getting ready to take my soul? :w00t:
  • When going silly-fast at night, it’s easier when there are at least a few other vehicles visible on the stretch in front of you – their tail lights show you which way the motorway is going to bend next. If you don’t have that visual indicator, it actually gets quite sketchy and you’ll have to slow down…
  • That burnt-rubber smell when you stop for petrol actually are your tyres…

Bottom line: this is something you just have to try… the section of A7 between the junction with the A5 and the junction with the A3 is freaking awesome… smooth as a baby’s arse, great sweeping bends, incredible bridges over beautiful valleys (if you dare to take your eyes off the road for long enough to appreciate it), highly recommended for high speed touring.

And for all those who says “but motorways are not made for motorcycles” – you aren’t going fast enough. :smiley:

yep, at 140 plus straight motorways become tight corners and after doing a few german trips it can catch you out…on unlit motorways empty can be very scary at high speed, you are basically running into a black hole all the time…and you have no idea which way is up down left or right for the road ahead until it is too late to react…you have to slow down…only real problem with german roads is the indicating car has right of way and can be scary when they just pull out infront of you…but at least they get out of your way asap too…

Having gone through driving school in Germany, I can tell you for a fact this is false. Being in that lane already, you have the right of way… Anyone wanting to get into your lane needs to check the coast is clear, and if you have to brake because of their actions, they are technically in the wrong and you are in the right… which, of course, won’t do you much good if you do plow into their rear at silly speeds and your remains are promptly hosed off the 'Bahn by the German fire department :hehe:

However, what happens in reality is much as you describe… some car thinks “that single headlamp in my rearview is miles away” and pulls out, and you have to slam the anchors on :w00t:

This is why I generally slow down to 110-120mph when I’m coming up on “clusters” of cars where this could happen, and then put the hammer down once I’m clear of even the possibility of that happening. Much like driving in the city, you need to anticipate other people’s mistakes and be ready.

All in all though, it’s tremendous fun… Yes, bends at 140mph can catch you out… so can fatigue when it’s beginning to blur your judgement for speeds and distances. Easy to combat though, pull on over at the Rasthof, have a Bockwurst and a coffee and you’ll be right as rain :wink:

Anyone else go on any missions in Germany lately?

We recently got back from an excellent hoon around the Rhine & Mosel valleys and the Nurbergring. Great roads, some seriously fast riding, both on and off the Autobahns (my top speed on an Aprilia Tuono was 161MPH)

Got mine wound up a few times on way back from south of france fully loaded wiv pillion n panniers 140+ n steady as a rock, its what 'birds, 'busa’s n zzr14 were built 4, if u got one you gotta hit continent n let em loose n fly !! Hunt porsche’s, merc n ferarris 4 fun n smoke em

1000 miles in 2 days, that’s nothing, try 1050 inside 23hrs! Jetstream did it even quicker! :smiley:

I thought the European Police were cracking down on speeders now? :unsure:

Did a few miles on the ‘bhan en route to Sweden this summer. Can concur that 120mph + with cars that might pull out in front can be scary unless you can find a boy racer in a GT3 to follow and bulldoze them out of the way (figuratively – but leaving sufficient braking distance unless it becomes literal…) Managed to get an indicated 177mph on my ‘blade on an utterly deserted and straight bit up to Puttgarden ferry. Then saw a car about a mile ahead and [email protected] it. Reaction times = quite a few meters at those speeds. Great fun, but killed my BT016s, ‘though.

'kin good fun tho innit :D:D:D

sumut wrong with ya bike:w00t: 2 days to do 1000 miles:w00t::wink:

fink he needs to come out n play wiv grown ups eh Mo ? :D:D:D:D

I can feel a take it to the max rideout coming on ;):smiley:

You can do 8,900 miles in 18 hours… on a plane.

It’s legal here, silly. :smiley: