Auto-folding license plate

now this will prob get you into more trouble (if you are caught) that it will get you out of!


Where and how much? :smiley:

Good concept, but the actuator needs to be a lot quicker. The speed camera would get you before it folds up.

i would love a numberplate that folded up no point getting one at the moment tho im only riding a cx500 at the moment:D

in Italy is not new and the police is aware of it,
police caught a guy and he got taken the bike


fro youtube:


Anyone know if there is some law against it being fitted to the bike, obviously not to use on the road but for someone that loves gimmicks its a great one to have :cool:

Has anyone told Arnie?

its kinda pointless, most off us know where just about every camera in london is, so you slow for it.

if your intent on speeding just take your plate off!!! iv ridden round london for a week with no plate after i lost it.

i spoze you could use it if you were going to run from the police?

but thats a very very bad idea…

I taped my plate up the other week and rode around for days without realising. Like Adz says just don’t put a plate on. It’s a £30 fine and just say it fell off if you get pulled.