Auto Aid

£42 for the year, cover you and spouse, any vehicle.
Broke down at Camberley A30, rang them, SOS Motorcycle Recovery came in under and hour, picked up me and the bike and drove us to Scorch’s in Watford, 36 miles.
No charge.

Thats really good. does that cover Cars and Bikes you are in or just that you own?

that is pretty cheap for the service you’re getting

My insurance only covers a 20 mile radius, anything more than that you have to pay and it’s bloody expensive per mile!!

It covers the vehicle you own I think as you do list them when you sign up but don’t take my word for it.
I think it’s meant to be the same but they didn’t charge me a penny today. (Sadly it’s a 2hr30, £24 trip home on a selection of buses and trains but that’s my fault for living nowhere near my mechanic of choice)