Authorised Motorcycle Removal Unit

Just seen a van with ‘Authorised Motorcycle Removal Unit’ on the back of it - didnt look very official and the blokes in it didnt look too clever, anyone know who/what they are?

They slowed down past 1 bike bay on Whitfield St and then went around the corner to another and stopped, 1 bloke got out and stood looking at a nice Harley which was the best bike in the bay - he was on the phone and looked pretty suspicious, had a hi-vis on which didnt have anything written on it.

The van had a small address on the door, somewhere in Tottenham and the reg of the van was KU55 UYT - White Merc Sprinter.

Redcorn is in Tottenham on White Hart Lane. Call em and check!

There was another post about this or a very similar van recently!

I feel sorry for the guys on here that have to leave their bike parked in London all day while at work. With dodgy looking vans like this and the other one that was reported, i would spend all day worrying… :slight_smile:

Thats i have gone prematurely grey !

Just called Redcorn [02088809444 who put me onto head office on 0208 885 1962.] It is one of theirs.

I gave the guy the plate, he confirmed white merc sprinter van.

Meaningless, it could be cloned. A business that is no longer trader had a person employed full time to deal with the NIP etc that “their” delivery vans got. In 99% of cases it was due to cloned number plates and livery on stolen vans.

Ah really? It didnt have Redcorn written on the van at all or on their hi viz’s but the bike that 1 of the blokes was looking at is still there - odd that they just stopped and went straight to the most expensive bike in the bay and started looking at it and then got on the phone, they didnt look at any others.

If I see the owner I’ll let him know :slight_smile:

Redcorn was a guess. I know they deal with untaxed vehicles for example…

Redcorn need to do something with this van, it’s the same one I phoned them about 2 weeks ago as nothing about it (or the driver) looks official. It looks like someone’s stuck an amateur attempt at making a van look official, unlike their other vans which actually look the part.

I have just seen the same van in Lincoln’s Inn. Just as with the spots above, two very dodgy looking guys, one of whom wandered up and down the bays looking at the expensive bikes mobile glued to his ear. When I ostentatiously checked out the registration (pretty sure it was KM55UYT, not KU55UYT as above) the guy in the van got really arsey.

Since my scooter got lifted in broad daylight from that very same bay a few months ago, I was immediately pretty suspicious. Once they saw that I was a) watching them and b) had their plate, they just drove off.

I don’t give a monkeys whether Redcorn claims to be (or is) legit or not, in my opinion those two were definitely up to no good.

I saw this van around Whitfield St/ Charlotte st the other day. I stood and watched as they walked up and down the row of bikes, one of the guys phoned through on one bike in the bay. Ridiculous thing is- there’s a bike in the bay that’s blatantly abandoned, it’s been there over 6 months, the gear levers and various other parts have been snapped off by various tw4ts over the time and they’re all carefully placed under the bike. They didn’t even consider a bike that was obviously abandoned, were just trying to find someone’s bike that might be out of tax. I assume as they’d likely get paid to get it back!

Scumbags. Tried to photograph them but they were having none of it. Pretty hard to argue with blokes in high vis with authorised removal written on them. If people don’t stop 3 scrotes nicking smiled’s bike in broad daylight, who’s going to challenge someone looking vaguely authorised to do it?!

Suggestion time

Why don’t as a whole Have a Letter written to Redcorn stating their concerns regarding the livery and attitude of the staff and asking for these matters to be addressed … and when their staff are approached that official i.d is available and any form of concern by a member of public is addressed in a professional manner

Yeh, i had a 1200 Bandit that they took last year for not having tax, funny thing is i only had the bike for a couple of days and i bought it without tax, thought i’d leave it till the weekend to get it (taught me a lesson).

The worst thing about it is…
They cut through both of my good locks, charged me £80 to release the bike (£180 if you don’t pay within 3 days), and i had to show them new tax disc i had to buy to release it, a triple whammy.

b4stards that’s just a step below the thieves. :angry:

That’s a good idea.

I don’t want to contribute to any hysteria but I personally still wouldn’t trust anyone who looked at my bike and/or has a van, even if they had id and were legit. Who’s to say they couldn’t nab a few ‘extra’ bikes on the side?