Australian radio station prank call: Duchess of Cambridge

An Australian radio station was under fire today over a late night prank call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge.
Two presenters claimed to have posed as the Queen and Prince Charles and to have been put through to a nurse caring for Kate at the private King Edward VII Hospital, despite their scarcely believable impressions, which included a “Corgi” barking in the background. Full story:

Must have been this one they got through too …

I think these Ausie pricks need a slap in the chops. Any body who’s seen their other half go through pregnancy knows that women can feel vulnerable at the best of times. Intruding on the couples privacy, especially when the health of the mother and an unborn child is potentially at risk, to my mind is disgusting.

I think certain members of society need to lean to get a grip and understand where the line of common decency is drawn.

Rant over, carry on.

did you listen to it? (and if you did you are supporting it) they spoke to a nurse and did not ask any intrusive questions

i think it was absolutely hilarious, well done to them. :laugh:

I did not listen to it, I have no wish to listen to it, I do not care how funny or not it is.

I can assure you, any couple will be worried enough under those circumstances. Aleveating as much stress to the mother is paramount and this rather childish prank will only serve to increase that stress, exaserbating the problem. The mother will need to now that she is safe and looked after so she can get on with the job of looking after the child. The prank was an intrusion of privacy at a very delicate time. Miss-carriage god forbid, could of been on the cards. That is not funny.

Not to mention that the dick heads have probably cost the nurse her job, at Christmas.

Misscarriage? from a radio statio speaking to a nurse asking relatively harmless questions? are you serious?

so forget the 200 reporters outside. I think her being heir to one of the richest families in Britain with the best medical care will help alleviate any stress that might be caused.

Its a harmless joke…a bit like yours:

“Yeah, but she’d get it over that fine ass of hers… and the sister… in the same sitting… in my dreams.”

I don’t think you understand what your talking about.

I didn’t phone her up and tell her that when she was in a dangerous situation, did I.

I dont think you know what you are talking about either.

They did not phone her up…at no point did they speak to her or ask to speak to her. They asked questions such as has William left yet …hows things going etc

the same questions that loads of reporters have been asking as she went in the hospital as well as all vistors.

You don’t have children do you?

Love the Corgis barking in the background! :smiley:

not for a few weeks…you dont have a sense of humour do you?

I work in a production studio with a bunch of cockney dwarfs. The humour mill is turning full tilt, let me assure you.

What I don’t like is society crossing the borders morality in the name of cheap giggles. Which on this occasion is exactly what happened.

An people wonder why the world is so fucked up.

I have to agree. How on earth can you rant at something, when you don’t know what the something is…?

I guess the line in the sand moves all the time depending on where you are standing

It doesn’t matter about the quality of the content. What does matter, is that the radio station in question had no business intruding on a private affair which involved the health and well being of a mother and child… in the name of “humour”.

I’m sure Prince William has had enough of the press intrusion in his life.

Heck, and I’m not even a Royalist!

How do you know they did what you’re saying they did?

Wow, I hope you don’t ever get given jury duty!

7 weeks. Murder trial. Don’t ask.

Because if they weren’t trying to exploit it in the name of humour, they would’ve simply asked for the girls well being. Instead of putting on the stupid voices and the barking dogs in the background.

I must admit I think these wind-ups are a bit sad to be honest. I like a joke and some of them work really well too.

I feel sorry for the poor sod on the end of that phone - who knows what happens normally. This hospital have taken care of Windsor PLC for years and it’s very possible, for all we know, for people like HMQ etc to phone up and ask how things were going when someone they know is there. As daft as that might sound it’s possible that sort of thing goes on as this hospital most likely provides the discretion needed for that to happen.

Suddenly some poor sod finds themselves on the spot - big media fuss - hospital loses face - People looking for blood and Happy Christmas you’re out of a job. All because some radio show was desperate for ideas…

Ho Ho Ho (not).

Just saying…

No point in debating press/media morals, it’s already been thoroughly well established they have none, and with Cameron in power they are never likely to as he doesn’t want to legislate. And we all know how “well” self regulation works.