Aussie F1 GP

Just seen this in the news :pinch:

:blink: :angry:

yer I just read that!

Obviously we will not know until they actually tell us what was communicated but still to take all the points I think was a little harsh!!!

this is shambolic!

so as far as I’m aware… while the safety car was out, trulli slid off the track and then hamilton passed him, then hamilton slowed right down and trulli passed him when he came back onto the track…

toyota are saying that they thought hamilton had a mechanical issue because he slowed so much… but i guess we dont know what McLaren said in their initial stewards meeting…

I’ve never known a race to have so many issues post race… its a shambles, gutted for Hamilton, but at least Massa and Raikkonen didn’t score any points!

yeah they could have just reversed the decision, but i guess the FIA thought that mclaren where trying to cheat by not telling them what had really happened, plus they couldn’t have mclaren scoring more points than ferrari, despite having a slower car :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fookin’ disgrace I tell thee!!

Perhaps they should just ban Hamilton from racing and have done with it … barstewards!!

is this a bloody race or a bunch of mamby pambys trying to out do each others rules and regulations that are clearly NOT at all clear and when will they stop meddling with the rules so that the drivers can go out and race…its getting more like an american wrestling club, where winning is about decisions away from the fight not the fight itself…

My interpretation of all this is that Hamilton was told to slow by the team - eminently sensible given a new car and safety car so late in the race - but he didn’t labour this at the steward’s first hearing. To me, it’s irrelevant given that Trulli had plenty of time to avoid overtaking and plenty of time to cede the position back.

It seems the FIA is grasping at a straw to persecute McClaren yet again (serves them right for pushing for a break-away from F1 a few years back!).

The way that the FIA persecute McClaren at any chance they get then treat Ferrari with great leniency is getting beyond a joke.

The whole set up is outrageous, with Ferrari getting preferential treatment and funding arrangements, and this is just one more incident to show that McClaren are being persecuted.

If it weren’t for Button, I wouldn’t be watching - it’s no fun cheering on Hamilton if his results are subject to the whim of Moseley & Ecclestone.

I`ve just heard that Mclaren could be kicked out of the whole season now.

nah,no points from first race that"s all!!!

Dont forget that Toyota did not dispute the original ruling in the first place . <-- read that again!

Either this is teams trying to ‘protect’ the sport (which I doubt, there are serious monetary privaliges from a single point), or some pressure is coming from somewhere else, probably that nazi-pervert head of the FIA…

Either that or the stewards making these decisions are floundering around not knowing what the hell is going on, which frankly is more likely as there is no consitancy in the stewards between races and NO FORMAL TRAINING.

Its a shame that it comes to rise again after just the first race. Oh and you wait till they disqualify Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams on the 14th when the diffuser row goes to the FIA court of appeal, and put ferrari back in front again…

We are likely to speand most of the season under appeal, and that really does bring the sport in disrepute… nuff said.


And this is why I don’t watch F1 anymore.

I wont stop watching it because of whats happening now and in the past with Mclaren and Ferrari cheating, i watch it for the smaller teams.

Just pleased for Button. He deserved it.

Difficult to make a judgement over Hamilton. He is quite disliked by many of the other drivers, we may never know the true facts.

All power to Jensen though.

It doesn’t help he’s arrogant and patronising towards the other drivers. People seem to forgotten him calling “the monkeys at the back” on at least one occasion in a press conference, referring to his colleagues in slower cars that now beating him (think Vettel, Rosberg …).

I’ve been watching Vettel for the last couple of seasons, and he’s my favourite. He won’t be winning much this season, but I’d love to see him in a fast car. Plus, he’s a likeable person, unlike the patronising, arrogant, whiney, shiney platic faced tw4t that’s Hamilton.

McLaren has dismissed their sporting director over this issue, so that’s a clear sign that they were “economical” with the truth at least, so I can’t see an issue. They cheated, they got caught, they loose. Now, let’s move on.

Well, apparently we do now. He was dead wrong!