August 18th... Ride out to Kent coast...anyone interested?

Yeah thought about this this morning… dont mind ditching the 18th, better to go to Kent, and you were first to post!

19th is the unity ride and some other stuff happening I think…so 18th is a good un.

Will change my topic and lets do the 18th!!!

18th it is then!

Count me in

…me too…

And me (90%)

So far, the riders are:



Ginger Pixie


Killer #1



Busa_55 (possible)



Boycey (possible)


Grimbusa & Debz

Baby Polar Bear

West Tiger

Sweet Essence


Idefix (probably)

This has the makings of being a good one - all we need is the sun to shine

…will 65 miles round trip enough …with so many of us in the group now…can we plan for a bit more…??

Some people will be doing a fair few miles to get here, just like I do to go to most of the ride outs… Plus not everyone will turn up (they never do!)

The route can easily be extended if people want on the day

Fantastic this means that the Pie shop will be open, goody.

Well that’s an early start for me, anyone else want to get a pie before the off.

hmmmmm so we know who’s eaten all the pies then

yea im up for this any saturday is good for me, if its a sunday as long as i get enuff notice its good too.

Bumping this one up! Mad, maybe get the title changed to include the date??

I’ve PM’d a mod to request the change


Does this post make me the sexiest ?


Can’t answer the question - think you need to post it in another section

I should like to partake in this group ride…Possibly with my girlfriend as pillion.

Bump… but we’ll be having no bumping on the ride out please, any tyre to tyre contact will be dealt with by a stern look

Can anyone planning on coming PM me roughly the area they will be coming from, so I can work out the best place to meet and what sort of time we should be aiming to head away from there (I hate ride outs that mean a 7am start and it’s happened a few times cos people arrange local ones that take ages to get to).

I’ll do the usual and sort out maps for the day, but I doubt anyone will need one…

Tried another bit of route today to add on to the ride out if people want

so is this definitely goin ahead on the 18th?? any idea of times and meeting points?

It’s defo going ahead on the 18th - I asked people to PM me where they are coming from so I could make it a reasonable start time, but I’ve only had 2 responses.

At the moment I’m thinking around a 10am meet just off the A249 will be best (as it’s easily accessible from the M20, M2, A2 and all the routes that feed into them)

The ride out won’t include any dual carriageways so I’d think most people wouldn’t mind some motorways to get here (the M2 over and after the medway bridge is nice when the road is empty )