August 18th... Ride out to Kent coast...anyone interested?


Saturday 18th August 2007

Meet at the services on the A249 just outside Sittingbourne at 10:00 for a planned 10:30 departure.,0.707256&daddr=&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=17&mra=dme&sll=51.350993,0.708672&sspn=0.003029,0.007231&ie=UTF8&t=h&om=1&ll=51.350397,0.705378&spn=0.006057,0.014462&z=16

There are joining points prior to this if you don’t want to ride down alone (if you aren’t there when they leave you should be able to catch up):

Borough Market at 08:15 (leaving at 08:30 sharp),-0.090948&daddr=&mrsp=0&sz=17&mra=mi&sll=51.505116,-0.090573&sspn=0.003019,0.007231&ie=UTF8&z=17&om=1

Blackheath tea hut at 09:00 (leaving at 09:15 sharp),-0.000129&daddr=&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=15&mra=dme&sll=51.47168,-0.000086&sspn=0.012083,0.028925&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1

Under the M25 by Waltham Abbey at 08:30 (in the layby between the two roundabouts) - if you plan to meet here please let Bikerboy, Grimbusa or Debz know.,+M25&daddr=&sll=51.47168,-0.000086&sspn=0.018632,0.041885&ie=UTF8&z=13&om=1

The route:,+0.706380&daddr=A2%2FLondon+Rd+%4051.344840,+0.707450+to:S+Rd%2FB2040+%4051.314630,+0.885440+to:Seasalter+Rd+%4051.325710,+0.944520+to:St+Mary’s+Grove+%4051.346470,+0.996610+to:Marine+Parade+%4051.364680,+1.043530+to:Marine+Crescent+%4051.364970,+1.055850+to:Western+Esplanade+%4051.371600,+1.101450+to:Richmond+St+%4051.372380,+1.123730+to:Central+Parade+%4051.373040,+1.128140+to:A28%2FBroad+St+%4051.280470,+1.085790+to:A28%2FCanterbury+Rd+%4051.160020,+0.886220+to:A251%2FBuck+St+%4051.220340,+0.879440+to:A252%2FCharing+Hill+%4051.213610,+0.791390+to:A20%2FMaidstone+Rd+%4051.162690,+0.854180+to:A28%2FAshford+Rd+%4051.103650,+0.707310+to:A262+%4051.099110,+0.688730+to:A229%2FSheal’s+Crescent+%4051.264990,+0.523840+to:51.274092,0.518332+to:A249+%4051.345050,+0.695660&mrcr=17,18&mrsp=18&sz=16&mra=dpe&sll=51.272226,0.523288&sspn=0.006068,0.014462&ie=UTF8&t=h&om=1&ll=51.243865,0.839081&spn=0.38858,0.925598&z=10

We will be stopping at Herne Bay (on the seafront) and at Challock (The Halfway House) for comfort breaks. We will be riding through a couple of historic towns/cities as well as hitting the open roads.

There are petrol stations at various locations around the route and at our starting point. The route is a little over 100 miles so most people’s tanks should manage quite well.

We will have a tail gunner and cornermen (although as a general rule, unless indicated otherwise always go straight on!) - if you ride right behind me expect to become a cornerman at some point.

The weather forecast is good

Everyone who has confirmed they are coming should have my mobile number by now. They are:

Mad, Grimbusa, Debz, Milo, Ginger Pixie, Slarty, Killer #1, Elad, Bikerboy, Busa_55, SheWoolf, WilER6f, Seademon, Goose, Baby Polar Bear, Taks, AfroR1, Idefix, Keti, BigSV, Alice, PompeyTim, Uber, Tim L, andyp69, in4thethrills, Curtis, Bluestar, Jason (Killer #1’s mate), Brooksey and Blade (possible).

I hope that clears up some of the confusion about meeting places and such like. PM me or post if I’ve missed anything or you are still unsure about anything.

Lets hope it’s a good one

** Update: This is now on the 18th of August. More details are on the 1st post on page 9 **

A few people have mentioned wanting to go to the Kent coast on a ride out, so today I sussed out a route that I think will be pretty good. It’s about a 65mile round trip from my house (which the people from the Boxing Day run will remember is in the middle of nowhere).

The roads are suitable for learner legal bikes, but I have to confess that even with my confidence somewhat lacking a 125 would not have kept up with me today.

I would suggest meeting somewhere off the M2 or A2 and then heading off…

The route roughly goes (beginning and end subject to change) Faversham to Whitstable (via Seasalter), to Herne Bay (see photo - place to stop for a break), to Canterbury (via Sturry), to Ashford, to Faversham, to Sittingbourne…

They do brewery tours in Faversham too, it’s the home of Shepherd Neame.

If you are interested in doing this route, probably in August- post up and let me know if you have any weekends to avoid, then I’ll post up a map and date/time



Ooh yeah! Sounds great!

Put me down for that

I’d be up for this, assuming it’s not a balls out fast run I come from Kent originally and everytime I go back it feels good.

Nice one - good idea.

We should also ressurect the Boxing Day route - was good fun, but be way better without rain/greasy roads!

yep sounds good to me, but cant do first two weeks of aug?

yeah am up for this one, sounds like a laff, later Aug would be better for me as well

I’m up for this, put my name down!

Would be up for it depending on date

Well as Blade has got in 1st with the defo no no dates, it will be in the latter half of August

I’d be happy to tack on part of the boxing day route but thought I’d keep it shorter as most people will have a few miles to cover just getting here.

I’ll be happy to discuss it at BM and come up with what people want

I should be up for this too.

Hey, I’d like to tag along as well if that would be ok. Again not a ‘balls out fast’ run but something to stretch the legs (wheels?!) would be good :slight_smile:

Weekends after the 11th/12th Aug would be great for me…

i’m up for this subject to the date, it would be good to go on a rideout with you guys!!

You’re only allowed if you promise not to ride off on your own again after falling asleep on a corner

ssssh, don’t tell the newbies, lol.

Anyway, at least nobody can say I leave my corner

ooooh count me in if its on a saturday def if its a sun then i might be able to make it

Saturday the 18th has been snaffled by Elad for a ride out and the following weekend is a Bank Holiday, so how about Sunday 19th?

Or would the BH weekend suit people?

Just say when

19th would be great as the BH weekend some of us are in France.
Shame the pie shop would be closed though never mind.

Oh and thats a yes from me

August 19th is the Unity Ride

i would be up for this too!