Attn Jay

Jay, I cant post anything from my laptop. I can post from my phone but for some reason it doesn’t work on the laptop, I can view the site and log on but nothing else

Browser? OS?


internet Explorer, wndows 7. It was working fine this morning but has stopped working about an hour ago.

I can confirm that IE on Windows 7 doesn’t work for me - but Chrome does on the same computer. Also the reply box looks different - it doesn’t have the font / link options

it’s working fine from my laptop 

As spec as Sam 

@Wise which version of IE?

This has been written using IE11 + Win 7.


k, i’ve got IE9 - which doesn’t work.

Same as me

ermmmmmm I have what ever is on the laptop 

Try “Reset” option in Internet Options. If does not help, maybe is time to upgrade? As looks like compatibility issues.


i can’t upgrade as its a work laptop and all our systems work off ie9 and some of them dont work on a newer ie versions 

cleared the browser cache?

from IE9 debug mode:

SCRIPT5009: ‘MutationObserver’ is undefined 

common?v=jR2U6gwNPcnvPorYKYPCeRE_F1LY-epeV_-tH7JD-CY1, line 1 character 225529

from google MutationObserver is only available in IE11…

Thanks for the help with problem solving guys! Yes we launched a new editor today. IE9 is a dinosaur now; I’m surprised anyone’s still using it. 

I’ll look at what it’ll take to support it again.

If possible I’d advise using an alternative browser like Chrome or Firefox.


If you can’t install it, use a portable version of some browser. Stick it on USB memory stick and connect to your company laptop. For example

You’ll need to do it from unrestricted PC though.

or run IE10/11 with compatibility mode for your legacy systems.

Jay - Corporations are always far behind the curve!

IE5 on 3.11 works fine

There’s a some gibberish in the header to the reply window but it works