Attn Bryan & Amit

I’ve come off Facebook as i have found myself spending far too much time on there again!!
But, i’m going to do the Dave Thorpe event now, I’ve got the car done a bit cheaper than i thought :slight_smile:

But i’m not going to spend the Friday Night up there as the Car has taken the Hotel and Drinking Money :frowning:

I’ve got a Mate from Work who is doing it too and we are going to Drive up together in the Morning so we will see you there.

So…Bryan, My excuse can now be rescinded lol

Facebook whore…LOL…
Good news… We will be riding around the Cotswolds / Wales on Friday (well that’s the plan anyway) and then be staying Friday and Saturday…

I am sure Bryan will be along shortly…looking forward to it …

did you know there is a PM function now?

Oh Yes, it’s been missing so long i completely forgot about it LOL

Good news SAM! See you there!
Amit- I hope your’s isnt too broken ?

B, all good my end… lets hope the weather for the weekend is reasonably favorable …