Attn blue lagos

We’ve been charged by Mrs J to organise a Sunday ride. A few rules have been stipulated. 1) The idea is to explore some of the finer stretches of tarmac in and around Essex and Suffolk, we’d probably get away with a little Norfolk if necessary. 2) The itinerary is to include a lunch time nose bag in a proper pub. 3) If the route includes a ford we’re not to advertise the fact in case nobody notices it. 4) There is a 2 mile exclusion zone around Lowestoft.

I think the idea was born out of your mention of the 1508 which Mr & Mrs J have yet to sample. So I’m thinking of a meet up point at the Marks Tey greasy spoon with a run up the 1508 to Sudbury, a circular route back to Sudbury via a lunch stop and a final run back down the 1508 to the greasy spoon to be sure to be sure.

Have you any ideas for the lunch stop?

Pub wasnt stipulated, just somewhere good for lunch :slight_smile: a cafe/tearoom/chipshop would count

And NT made the ford bit up

2 thoughts…

The road from Manningtree to Harwich is worth seeking out.

Best local pubs are:Butt n Oyster at Chelmodston, but needs booking. In East Bergholt, any of the:pubs
are fine, but worth reserving a table tbh. Loads of Sunday diners so pubs do fill up.

Check the date with me…have a couple of stag weekends and a:wedding to go to.

Br great to see you all

Where are you based now mate? I figured you’d have appeared on “Kidnapped Abroad” by now but no joy.

Southwold in Suffolk is a nice stop off for lunch

Am in East Bergholt Joby.   Deliverance country.

So it’s not this Sunday then :angry:

Not this Sunday

So far we’re looking at Marks Tey to Sudbury, join the dots, Manningtree to Harwich and somewhere for lunch. We’ve never booked for lunch on a ride before, probably because it gets complicated with numbers and arrival times. Since we’re now at Harwich would Yates at Walton on teh Naze fit the bill as a decent chip shop?

After lunch I could join some more dots back to Marks Tey which may well leave us fordless!

Man of few words, did you miss a but?

blue lagos will set the date to fit us in around his busy social schedule.

I was hoping for a “Not this Sunday but now you mention it, l do fancy a blatt tomorrow”

Mr J will no doubt make his 9 O’ Clock shadow post late…


Only dates working:for me are Easter weekend, or not til April 17 or 24th.


We can`t do Easter weekend as Mrs J will be ovulating chocolate eggs in Cumbria.

We`re at a celebrity wedding on the 9th of April but the 17th and 24th are sound.

Mr J will no doubt make his 9 O' Clock shadow post late.. National Treasure

Not this week, but we are planing some freewheeling lido rideouts for LB`s Boys and Girls from Stingray.

I’m liking this forward planning with enough notice I might be able to book the day off and come along

Lets nail April 24, as its better than 17 for me :slight_smile:

That`s one more nail in our coffins, mind you Mrs J needs plenty and perhaps a few screws as she is on a Bram Stoker odessey.

24th April is good as long as it`s not between sunrise and sunset.