Attic Clearance !!

Lots of “Standard” parts for 2005 YZF R6 (Black).

Can, Screen, Pegs, Sets, Panels, Bar Ends, Grips etc etc !!

Bell the Barro.


i’ll have em mate…ive got a project lined up…;).


Is there anything this bloke won’t snap up?;)It was a paddock stand a couple of days ago;):P:DAre you doing an autojumble Shane?:wink:

NO EBAY :slight_smile:

Ebay would have been the logical way to go but…Mrs Barro = “GET THAT CRAP OUTTA THERE AND FINISH THIS HOUSE NOW” !! :crazy:


First come first served…“Smiler”…its yours but…

Im over the pub when shes on the war path about you aint moving it quick enough !!!

"Keys to Barro Towers available !! …ner ner na na na !!!