Attention Jay and the other mods

I was at the NEC last weekend and some racer guy at the Kawasaki stand, I don’t even know who he is tbh, all I know he rides a green bike, he gave me a well scrubbed knee slider signed by him and a photo album also bearing his signature, anyway one of my mates said he is quite famous. I don’t care for him much so I want to donate these items to lb to be put up in whatever next raffle you are running, so Jay let me know if you are interested and I’ll give them to you when I next see you, otherwise anyone else who fancies this gear only if lb is not interested are more than welcome to take them off me.

Picture attached



Thats Craig Coxell… BSB Rider!

I,ll give ya Two Bob and the back of a phone !!

I can throw in some more knee sliders, signed too … scrubbed, well they are nearly through to the backing!

I can give you a Dr’s note!! and a used plaster

Nice one Fran! Coxhell is one of the guys in our recent Hawk Kawasaki interview. I’m at the Brazen tonight, come along!

Ok Jay, I’ll give them to you next wed probably, as last night I went to visit Ross after work so I couldn’t make it to the brazen head.

No worries, thanks for the thought mate.

here he is in action

I was talking to his team mate Pete Hickman, but I’m less familiar with Craig. He was in a strop when I interviewed the team so didn’t meet him.

Fair play tho, and good scrounging Fran