Attempted theft?

Worked a late one last night and got back to the bike after 8.30pm (after a 7am start), and found that someone had filled the keyhole of my Oxford Revolver (armoured cable lock) with glue. They had not tampered with the Almax or the Boss Alarm disk lock.

Spent ages trying to pick out the glue to no avail. Called the RAC and RAC man tried hacksaw and bolt croppers to try and cut through the cable. He seemed to hold these armoured cables locks in high regard and said he would have a go, although he thought the only thing which would get through them would be an angle grinder. Anyway after lots of effort and trying various things, he resorted to a blow torch to melt the glue and get the key in. Thankfully managed to force in the key and open the lock.

Noticed this morning that the scooter which was parked up next to my bike had been tampered with, seat open, etc. Looks like the thieves came back, and frustrated looked to see if they could steal anything from the scooter.

Last few days here in bike theft central. Start new job next week and they have a yard at the back where I can park and secure the bike.

It’s petty Vandalism. I’ve heard stories of bikers going through france and having their ignition key holes glued so they couldn’t continue their tour (at least till they got it fixed).

Why would you carry superglue if you were just out to steel? Sounds like they were out for a bit of both.

Where was this by the way?


Maybe hoping that the following day you turn up without the lock on, and they push it away??? :unsure:

or maybe wanted more time so glued it up so they could come back in the dead of night


Yeah, this gets my vote. Probably hoped you be stumped and leave it so they could return later and lift it into a van.
Scumbags indeed! This is getting out of hand.

so naive, lol, they glue locks etc hoping you go home without bike thus coming back to nick it etc, maybe they will get a van or if its superglue pour nail varnish remover or as rac bloke done melt the glue out.

Yep that’s what they do.
Bloke at work had his crappy chain lock superglued and decided to leave it until morning - luckily another guy offered to double lock it with his decent chain overnight and guess what? Someone came back in the wee small hours as the bike had been moved and leant against the wall ( they were probably pissed off about the second chain) and obviuosly the second chain was too good for them so they left it.

Two other things about this ( it was in an undergrouind car park) , his bike was 5 year old Triumph Bonnie - not high on the scumbags list you would think and security were told that scrotes might be back that night but they “saw nuffin”.

Last point - How many times have I seen Clerkenwell , Greenwich or an SE post code in a stolen bike story? It must be like the wild west down there…