Attempted Theft/Vandalism Farringdon

Hello All

I Just joined the forum to report that while working in Farringdon today I parked my drz 400 on Mount Pleasant in the bike bay,it was chained up and covered and was fine until 4:30,when I left work at 7:30 I found it on its side with the Ignition barrel missing and the brake lever bent but still chained up,I got it going and on the way home told some police I saw,they took my details and said that they have had lots of bikes stolen from around there and used in smash and grabs,great,I only got it 2 weeks ago.anyone know where i can get a replacement barrel without it costing me an arm and a leg?

Hello fellow DRZ’er!

Does that look alright?

Keep your old key to open the fuel tank :smiley:

Yes that looks like just the job,I will get one thanks fellow DR Zedder.I only got the bike 2 weeks ago and at the moment feel like just selling it and getting back on the train as I came off the other day when a fellow biker cut across my lane outside St Thomas Hospital.It was come off or collide so I took the dive,bike is a bit scratched but ok and I got some bruised ribs,and then this today,im not feeling quite so enthusiastic about it all at the moment.

Damn, sorry to hear about your ordeal mate.
On the bright side the cost of getting a DRZ back to A1 condition is minimal.

Also when I secure my DRZ in public I often use a chain and 2 Xena alarm disc locks (front and back wheel). It really does help to have a bit of noise.

Give it a bit more time and you’ll get the thrill back :wink:

I had the same feeling after I came off (the last time I did anyway) and within two days it had gone… :smiley:

I dont have any disc locks but I did have an ABUS granit chain/lock on it which was chained to a chain that was left by someone else on the rail next to the bike bay as my chain is too short ,it also has a datatool immobiliser which makes some noise and the arseholes still had a go.I bought that ignition barrel off ebay and the bike is in a friends garage until it arrives and I can fit it,I have a feeling im going to have to start buying ignition barrels in bulk.Before I had this bike I was using a scooter for a few months which was lent to me and everything was cool, now I have bought this bike and it seems as if people want to rob me or kill me.anyway thanks for the responses and all the best.

just a bit of bad luck.keep your chin up

The DRZ and sumo’s in general are frequent targets for theifs. That’s one of the bad things about owning one.

I had some scrotes try to take mine once. They pulled up on a scooter and had a go at my Xena alarm lock. They failed to get the lock off which was good. However they left me with a warped front disc. A lot better than losing the whole bike I guess.

Like many have suggested on here, if your parking your bike in public outside of work, it’s best to have a less flashy bike.
My mate on here had his 2010 ZX10 taken from a secure underground carpark. That’s how bad London is.

Honda CB500’s are almost theft proof! :smiley: