Attempted Theft In Crouch End...


This is more of a heads up than anything, also asking some advice…

I live in Crouch End, North London. Housemate woke me up at 6.15 this morning asking if I’d been out for a ride during the night. Obviously I hadn’t. My bike was gone.

Before going mental, I decided to walk around the area to see if some “pranksters” had simply moved it. My housemate found the bike about 100 metres from where I’d parked it. Ignition wires had been cut and they’d tried to hot wire it; failed so kindly put the bike but on the side stand… Then kicked it over. Thanks.

Wheeled the bike back and put another lock on it, phoned the police and reported it. As its got some damage after being kicked over, which I can live with as its just a 99 Fazer (but is still my pride and joy as first ever bike). Is it worth claiming on insurance, or should I just swallow the £40 for a new ignition switch from fleebay?

Many thanks and I hope the thiefs crash and die on the next bike they nick :slight_smile: There’s a brand new Harley and Ducati Monster about 10 metres away from where mine was… So the mind does boggle as to what was so appealing about mine…

Hope your day goes better than mine


sorry to hear that…

i think you should just get the ignition and not claim… will end up cheaper. not what insurance is supposed to be for i know :ermm:

Definitely dont claim!
No point losing a potential NCB for that and certainly not when it involves the place you plan to continue parking your bike.
Pleased you got it back

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Sorry to hear that. Def no point in claiming on your insurance…

I’m only just down the road from there, but I live on the poor side of the railway bridge (Green Lanes).

I take it the bike wasnt chained to anything i.e. a lamp post? I’ve got a chain but its not long enough to get around the lamp post so its just around the wheel which probably isnt a lot of use. Looks like I might need to fork out on an Almax…

agree with not claiming - dont forget you will have an excess to pay so it prob wont be worth it.

its worth getting a few quotes to see what will be charged to replace the ignition etc - (i’ve just had my ignition and lock sets (fuel cap and seat lock) replaced, and that was only 2hrs labour.)

anyway point is your excess will prob be more than the repair job…

Dont tell your insurance company anything! Even if you end up not claiming, they will still try and increase your premium for an attempted theft.

They are feckin VAMPIRES!

Yup!! Before too long it will be a bit like the film Minority Report…your premium will go up if you even think about making a claim :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice and kind words!!

I shall swallow the cost myself… bar-stewards!

Drunk Knight… I’d invest. Same problem with the chain being too short, so just have it round the wheel… Not that this stopped them moving it last night though, obviously!! I’ve just bought a Abus Granit Extreme 69 for the time being for a bit more protection. What good it will do in the long run - God only knows!!! I may invest in another chain too to link them for going around the lampost, though - you can’t always get the same spot! :angry:

Doubt the council would let me put a ground anchor into the road, which they should seriously look into doing - especially when just last night we got a letter informing us we’re turning into a resident permit holders only road. Lucky me!!

I was thinking about this. If I were to just dig out a teeennny weeeeny chunk in the corner where the pavement meets the road then I’m pretty sure I could get some sort of anchor / eyelet type thing in the ground without it causing any problems. I can always deny all knowledge if it does… :smiley:

Tell you what, you do mine and I’ll do yours… Then technically we can deny knowledge of when it occured :hehe:

They are absolute shytes, what would worry me is whether they’d pay out in the future if this attempted theft came to light and you hadn’t reported it to them. Part of your agreement with the insurance co is that you report any ‘incident’ whether you intend to claim or not so failing to report it could be seen as witholding information from them. As Zeepony says, they could raise your premium next year though, even though you haven’t claimed it will still be logged as an incident.
Of course, they would have to find out about this incident in the first place, and as far as I know there’s no database for them to check police records.