Attempted Theft Clerkenwell

As usual, be on the lookout in Clerkenwell. Someone ripped out the ignition to break the steering lock I assume.
Alarm probably went off, or they got spooked cause the bike is still there, but going to have to tow it as I can’t start her up.
Haven’t been using my disc lock lately because its rusted to shit and stiff. Stupid of me, but I wonder if having it on would have deterred them in any case.

******* RAGING right now. Every bastard smoking or walking down the street is getting the mega evil eye from me.

Time to spluge some cash on the anti-theft devices.
Anyone got any recommendations besides a disc lock and alarm? Someone mentioned a throttle lock or something?

Unfortunately there is nothing to bolt her to at work, but I have a ground anchor at home.

mate get a Xena disc lock alarm, best £60 you will spend on motorbike protection

This area gives me the heebeegeebees.

And srsly is this area being considered for a bike meet? No thanks!

which model? i’m sure my local bike shop has them for less than £60, as in the kawa dealership down the road they was nearly £70 and i was shocked the difference in price.

My mates 675 steering lock was done yesterday in Clerkenwell. He said it was kids!

I got this one, and it is cracking.

They were giving xena alarm locks away with subscriptions to one of the bike mags recently - Ride or Bike I think.

Might be worth checking out?

xena do lots of models, I guess the bike mags give away the cheaper ones. I went for the xn18, 4 years ago and I’ve still got my bikes.

Thanks for the tips all. Will almost definitely invest in the most expensive and robust disc lock I can find. Probably upgrade my chain to the most expensive I can find for my ground anchor too.

Then I’m going to not use any of them, leave the bike in the bay overnight, every night, camp out with some knuckle dusters and wait. Then I’ll probably go to jail for murder. It will be worth it.

I’m not sure I understand how that works though - that doesn’t do anything to stop people just lifting the bike and putting it in a van does it ?

i had an attempted theft a few weeks ago, 3 guys on 2 scooters… probably the same gang as im in SE1 not a million miles away…

It doesn’t but it’s a better deterrant than having no disk lock and inviting the chavs to simply break the stearing lock and push it away which is incredibly easy.

I have one of those Xena disk locks too (don’t know which model - it was about 45 quid) and it has a built in alarm that goes off ir you move the disk lock. It’s pretty effective - if some scrote touches my bike I’ll hear the thing going off.

If someone wants your bike bad enough though they can still easily pick it up and put it in a van - even if it’s chained to an anchor with an Almax series IV.

My understanding is you don’t need to rip out the ignition to break the steering lock, that can be done separately. They’re busting the ignition to try and start it (I’m not going to say how on here). Have you got an immobiliser aswell as an alarm? That would make sense if they couldn’t start it.