attempted break in :(

Got done in last night. Claire and I were home asleep and didnt hear a peep! went outside this afternoon to get an extension lead from the garage and noticed half the front/side was on the floor. you could walk straight in!

Everything was untouched and all the bikes are there (always almaxed to each other) no tools were taken.

Police came around and told us that there are around 10 prolific car/bike thieves very close to us si it was just a visit to scope out what we got :angry:

Now i gotta take tomorrow off and spend loads AGAIN to make our stuff more secure :ermm:

Worst thing is, until then, I wont sleep. We’ll be looking to move again I think…

Hows this!!! Our neighbor has 2 boys. both known to cops and 1 just got out of prison for burglary!!! Their front door overlooks our garage :w00t:


Fishing line… Dynamite…


Where do you live?
I serviced the air rifle a few days ago…

You have to use appropriate force. So if someone have a hammer you should get one. Remember aim in the head, dead body can’t give a statement against you.


ps… to hard? ooo sorry I believe World moved on… in here, and World is not based on chess game.

You’ve seen what happens to people who use force. they get locked up and the scrotes get away. I’ll use force but not deadly. enough to have them locked down for the cops. I wish this was america so I could shoot them in the face! :angry:

this is making me unbelievably angry >:(

As I said to Claire, if you want me to take your bikes in just let me know.

thanks Alba but the Logistics are really poor for where u live.

Anyone got any ground anchors that they dont need or want to sell?

Sorry to hear about this mate, what area in London did this happen?

I got home the week before last to find my neighbour in tears on her doorstep - 3:30 in the afternoon, very quiet cul-de-sac, group of 4 hoodies trying to kick her front door through…

£200 done on an internet linked CCTV which emails me if anything moves… joke really but at least I’ll get a heads-up if they come knocking… oh to get 'em alone…

Like you Jaime, time to get out…

I’m sorry to hear that you have had a break in
Hope everything works out and does not cost to much to put right
It is one of my fears I don’t like to think about

I do… But you would have to remove my bedroom wall to get them off… :confused:

I know it’s a long shot and wouldn’t do much… But…

What about the little kitchen cupboard alarms? Put a couple on the doors/windows and it might startle them if they come back as they weren’t there last night ey.

i think we’re on a busy street near betting shops so the scrotes walk past. bus stop on the other side. se9

Argh sorry to hear this.

Might be a good time to give Anchor Man a ring. 07818 645171.

What about the little kitchen cupboard alarms? Put a couple on the doors/windows and it might startle them if they come back as they weren’t there last night ey

Those shotgun cartridge blank thingys would be a great deterrent… enclosed space, dead of night, their senses on full alert, then a flash and a f*cking loud bang or two…

I’d pay good money to watch that!

Any example price eezyrida?
As I believe there is small percentage of us who cant from day to day spend £300 to have anchor mounted.


Sorry to hear.

People just take instead of going out and working hard like we do.

Little buggers

Things like that really play with your mind.I was just saying the other day still have not slept solid since my car got nicked and that was 3years ago. Any little noise I jump up.

Hope you get sorted.

I can fit the anchors myself. thats no problem. the bikes are always chained together but that wont stop 6 or 7 nmen from lifting them all. bloody hard work though

Quote EvilBlade (24/03/2013): “Any example price eezyrida?”

You’d need to ring him to get a proper quote but in 2011 he charged £125 all in for a standard anchor. A Y anchor is a lot more but still way less than £300!

Read this, this and this.

Jaime I know I live far but if you need temporary storage just let me know.

Also, can you park at night well against the garden door, at least they won’t be able to take anything out!

This is bad news Jaime.

Hate to say it, but check over all of your bike security with a fine toothed comb, scrotes have been known to peel the covers back on chains and saw 90% of the way through a link and then cover it up again so they can be in and out super quick when they come back. hope all your stuff is ok dude.

its now go me thinking about bike security
instead of of buying a anchor I was thinking of using a core cuter
To cut a hole in the floor feed a chain in a loop and cement back in the floor
The money I save on the anchor will go towards better chains and locks