Attempted bike theft interrupted - EC1

I park my bike outside the Co-op and Argos on Old street - near the Old Street roundabout. As I was walking up to bike bay after work last night I noticed a scrote on a bicycle parked up close to bikes and he seemed to be fiddling with the handlebars of a Yamaha 125 (new with gold wheels)…

he noticed me looking at him ( I was still about 20 meters away) and then casually cycled away - staring over his shoulder at me the whole time. he then parked on the corner and watched me - I checked the bike and noticed the wiring had been cut but by then he had pissed off down Bunhill Row.

I decided to phone the police as I’d want people to do the same for me, while I was on the phone giving details the bike owner showed up. He had only popped in to buy a valentine’s gift for his missus and had apparently been a few minutes.

Two cop cars came screeching round to patrol and look for the bugger just as I was leaving… He was white, about 25 to 30, short (probably has no balls), greyish beanie - typical scummy looking tax dodger (apologies for stereotype). The police reacted quickly and the operator on the phone was professional and seemed very keen to get and ID and squad cars there as soon as possible

Two things I’ve taken from this
1.) if you see something suspicious focus more on what the person looks like, what they are wearing etc. I went a bit blank, Try to act as if you haven’t noticed (if that is possible!) I might have been able to get a bit closer
2.) that bike bay has so many viewpoints for thieves to watch it to see what bikes are being parked, security etc. I reckon it’s being watched regularly - be aware.

Hope my bike will not be targeted or vandalised as retribution but still worth doing.

Well done Jonno. Someone get this man a beer please:)

I’d do the same as well:cool:

Good work mate, shame you didn’t get there a few minutes earlier! Was his bike ok?

Hadn’t thought of this but a photo of the little punk would be really helpful. I’ll try to remember that if I’m ever in the same situation

Well done,

I witnessed a bike think it was a KTM 640 being ridden by a 13/14 year old boy. Another boy the same age was riding pillion. No helmets, riding on the pavement and saw they had broken the ignition.

Called the police whilst the bike was still in my sight, and the operator wasn’t intersted. Asked me if I wanted a CAD no?? ( whats that) and said they would pass on the info to the local safer neighbourhood team.:alien:

good call m8, also try getting a photo of the cvnt if see him doing stuff.

Top job mate.

thanks all and yes - definitely a good idea if you have a small camera handy to whip that out and start taking photos. that would have been classic :cool:

his bike was damaged but only in that they had cut all the wiring - thankfully had not yet broken the steering lock etc. I didn’t stick around for too long as I had to get home to wife and baby (8 months old and grumpy as hell)

@Aprilla - sucks to hear that - I guess police can only allocate resources if they have it available at the time of the call - I got lucky I guess cause they were on to it in a flash and certainly left me with an impression that bike theft is now being looked at as a priority.

Just wish we could set up a sting. it’s clear this bike parking bay is being watched - it;s only a matter of time until the next one.

This question may be dumb but hey ho I’m greek and UK phone numbers confuse me…

If you did witness a bike theft in progress I’m guessing the number you call is 999? The problem is I keep reading about stories where people have rang the emergency number up for not good reason and they always say it’s for life or death emergencies or where people’s wellbeing is put at risk… But a theft is none of those things…

Dial 999 if the theft is happening there and then - or any crime is being committed at that time.

Dial 0300 123 1212 if you want to report something that doesn’t require an immediate response.

Explained officially on the link. Hope this helps mate.

Thanks Baz! :slight_smile:

Well Done Mate :slight_smile: Nice One