Attempted Bike-Jack in Brazil

A fairly insane ride through the streets of Sao Paolo, followed (at 3.37) by a pillion from another bike switching the ignition off and telling the rider to go away so he can steal his bike. Rider takes the keys and runs away, would-be thief realises he can’t start the engine and heads off on the other bike. Rider then goes to the police station to report it.


Damn that vid made me miss summer and its beautiful days :frowning:
though what was the green flashing light at 2:00? and is it me or does his brake fluid reservoir remind you of a semen sample? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great find eezyrider!

  1. insane filtering.
  2. Wow, he must have been really shaken up! What a horrible experience.
  3. The green light is his right indicator, you can see the arrow for a second when he passes some shade.

look at that,they cant knick it so they just chuck it on the ground

Little sh!ts.

hmm should have smacked them silly… I assume he was wearing full bike gear and they had shorts and no gloves?

I think my protective knucles would have hurt them a lot more…

For anyone else that got bored waiting (filtering looked pretty tame really), the bike jacking begins at 3:38 :hehe:

Poor git, must have been scary at the time, u don’t know if their armed… at least he rode away with his pride and joy!

I like to think that the would-be thieves were actually community-spirited individuals who had seen the way this guy had been riding and decided to take matters into their own hands, and confiscate his bike before he killed himself or someone else!Whatever their intentions, the result would have been the same, and I don’t see that as being necessarily a bad thing.Unless, of course, they turn out to be even worse riders than him. But I can’t see that being a possibility, myself.