Attaching trousers to jacket - newb alert!

As the title says, I currently wear some Frank Thomas leather trousers which are, in my newb opinion pretty decent, thick and padded in the right places, heavy and solidly constructed and my jacket is currently an IXS textile.

The zips that would connect them together on both items are totally different though, the one on the jacket is heavy duty but the one on the trousers is like a normal size zip, plus both are connectable by opposite ends?? The trousers do have a short heavy duty zip, but only about 10" long in the center whereas the one on the jacket is hip to hip.

I take it connecting clothing isnt interchangeable between different manufacturers?

So what are my options?

I will be in the market for a new jacket (leather) and could hunt to try and find one that`ll attach or buy 2 piece leathers ( a track day could possibly happen at some point) so this could well be the answer.

Some advice and possible recomendations would help…

Oh and a 1 piece isnt an option for a bloke who likes pies ether!

You need Wasp .

+1 to Wasp Stitching

Her LB username is WASP… You can PM her… Job is always a good’un

So its a job for a seamstress then?

Not any old seamstress either, it needs a heavy duty machine, not just yer aunty’s Singer.

the alternative can be nasty in an off

Cheers gents will look into it