ATM Scam

You’re probably all aware of this, but take a look at this latest scam.

ps. can’t attach a power point doc !!!

I would if u posted something to look at?

Didn’t realise I couldn’t attach a power point document !

I give up, couldn’t attach a pdf either, can I delete my post ?

dont worry hun,i get digs all the time about my spelling.

i can never get pic,s up on here its much easier on visordown.

sorry guys… we allow JPGS and GIFS for pics - if you want to attach a pic just click the ‘add attachments to this post!’ box when you post a message and then you can just attach the file from your computer and there you go!

Easy peasy!


Can you describe the scam, if you can be bothered?

Don’t wish to rain to your parade, but these notices of scams are often spam. Especially stuff in powerpoint slides.