atc2k sd camera

just got a atc sd camera from ebay and was going to be fitting it to my bike for the 1st march trackday,so anyone with one where and how is the best place to fit them???

These guys do suction mounts, dunno if you already have em, but that means you can move the camera around as much as you want.

Lots of places, tank is OK, but a fair amount in the way, and when the police pull you they can see your speedo!, helmet cams are fun, and can give you an indication of body position, but difficult to have the same view each time. On the fairing hear the indicator is a good one, and there is always on the tail if you want to look behind (or at your body position).

B has just put some on his bike and results are quality.

haven’t got one but did a fair bit of research into them as i was gonna get one at xmas. i’ve heard people suggesting your crash bungs but dunno exactly how it fits. looking at your bike you probably won’t have much joy on the bars. front forks? or on your (ooh err) helmet? pillion pegs? - could be a good knee down cam? post up the vids when you’re done. have a good’un :smiley:

velcro/strap to the yoke on mine. you can strap to the crash bungs too but there is more vibration/noise as a result, can screw with the picture. also means the lens can get splashed more. if you want it on the side would probably use high strength velcro and some extra tape to make sure it doesn’t come off

ideally you need to take the cover off and dynamat the mic as all you’ll mostly just hear static otherwise as the mic gets easily overloaded. Prob is that the screws are a triangle shaped head on the 2k - jonesy made a tool to do this I think

the handle bar attachment fits on the back where the passenger footrest hanger used to be.(faceing back wards) and i`ve also gafa taped another attacment to the side of the front mudgard (facing forwards)

had ago @ mounting it with the velcro strap round the crash mushroom but it wasn`t stable enuff kept spining round

ok cheers for the replys,havent really got the time to go and buy any more velcro or anything,so will just give it a go with what comes with the camera…

i’ll try and post up the results after the trackday and see what we get!

Might be easier to turn off recording on the unit. Least i know now that it’s isn’t just mine that has a sound problem! Just need to sort out the wavy picture now.


its dead easy to do the deadening part, its just a faff on the 2k cos they’ve changed the heads of the screws that all.

i managed to fit mine onto the side of the bike,but i got it recording in the pitlane managed to do a couple of laps and it turned itself off,swapped the batteries but it did it a couple of times so only thing i can think of is the vibration is affecting it somehow?

anyone else experience this???

yup mine also turned it self off after 16mins of recording

:frowning: not happy :frowning:

you had yours mounted under the back of your bike???

if so i was talking to you in the pit lane about fitting them after afro or sherries crash?

:Dermmm sorry m8 cant remember that far bk its all just a blur now :smiley:

haven’t had a prob with this for a while until this track day. the batteries may be the issue but think it can be the sd card that causes it to cut out. on the 1000 if you remove the card, the unit switches off. i think if the card does quite seat 100%, then the vibration might break the connection to the unit momentarily and turn the unit off.

Yip, I have found the vibration plays havoc with it. Think you’ll find the SD isn’t making proper contact, unit turns itself off when the card is removed/loses contact.

Has anyone noticed any difference in picture quality using different types of SD card? I have tested the speed of the 4 cards I have and found them all to be quite different, the slower ones do seem to be the ones that have a lower quality pic - none of them are the Sandisk II which is recommended though.