ATC 2000 helmet cam test

sorted the mic on the atc1000! (well, at least as good as i think i’m going to get it)

will sort out the video i got from the track yesterday and put some up on youtube/google when i get a chance.

basically i opened the unit up at the front exposing the little mic at the top. wrapped it in dynamat, and then put some more inside in the lower section too to reduce the distortion from vibration.

still not perfect but you can actually hear the engine now rather than just static. at low revs its a bit on the quiet side (sub 6k) but at the top end its pretty loud and still reasonably clear.


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mid wales cherry, llandovery… its nice round them parts

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still got this camera then adz?? i was thinking of getting one, wondered if it was worth it?

I was also thinking about getting one of these but i was a bit disapointed with the sound issue. I’ve been looking through that actioncam site that rusty posted up and I’m quite impressed with the digital hero 3. It’s a tad more exspensive but looks pretty good. Takes good quality photos as well and you can plug straight into your tv if you want, no pc required.

The only problem I can see with it is how to mount it to a bike. I had a look through youtube to see if there was any videos and only found a couple with it on a bike. How he’s got it on there I don’t know.

and here’s one on a car

So think I may go for this one, not sure yet but the videos look very good and it’s handy being able to adjust the mic record level.:slight_smile: Just found this site with sample videos

Looks like the camera is strapped to crashbar. Nice thing about the strap is u can put it practically anywhere like indicator stems, mirror stems, even the forks problyDoes look like good quality and no sound probs

The courier popping the wheelie was great! LOL!

The audio is complete crap but video isn’t too bad especially for recording to SD card.

I don’t know how you guys do it. That lane splitting in London traffic makes me cringe! How often you guys get hit by cars over there??

Had a few little squashes and bumps but only been knocked off once in 6 years of riding everyday in london…

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I like this vid with the Digital Hero3 camera