ATC 2000 helmet cam test

Ok i got one of those ATC 2000 helmet cams of ebay…

I think some other guys on here have the same cam or the ATC 1000, which is more or less the same but records at a lower frame rate.

This is an SD cam and records onto a tichy lil SD card, over all the cam is well made and seems realy tuff.

Video quality is ok but the sound recording is truly sh1tty…

Good knows why the made this second generation cam with a better spec frame rate but still put a useless mic in it…

The bike just destorts the hell out of it but its still cant even pic up a voice so who knows wtf is going on with it.

In the manual it says you can change the recording level but this seems to be basicaly just ON or OFF…

Im going to email the makers and see if there is anything you can do about it.

So here is 2 lil vids I shot with it as a test.

The first is with the cam mounted on foam on the bars of the bike…

There is also Foam taped over the mic in an attempt to baffle out some of the the noise desorting the sound recording.

The second is without any damping…

Both were shot as it was getting dark and the second one it was raining a bit have a look at the nutty courier who saw the cam and started messing about.

Warning turn your sound down LOW

Shame they havent sorted the mic thing otherwise it would be a great little gadget. i’d be tempted if it wasnt for the naff mic on them…

for now i reckon i’ll stick with my bullet cam into MP4 recorder

Even though my MP4 recorder records at the same frame rate etc it seems better quality that the 2k

I think i’d be tempted to see if i could somehow get it apart and somehow solder another connection to take an external mic?!

Great thats its Waterproof too, see thats where my system falls down the bullet cam itself is waterproof the MP4 recorder isnt although i suppose i could somehow house it in a watertight housing, on the plus side though i can see what ivew recorded and play it back whenever i like

Nice wheelies

The courier wasnt showing off he was just trying to save on front tyre wear

yeah i looked at taking the mic out and putting another in, looks like it can be done although the screws that hold it in are some stupid lil triangle shaped thingys

Im going to email them first and moan at them see what they say.

At the very least they my make it better next time…

Does seem better with the foam setup.

Ill try it with the baffle in the can (although its against my religion) see what thats like

Haha the guy allmost bined it on the second wheelie he did he was pulling hard on the bars and went over to the left.

the only time the external mic on my set up gives me problems is when i mount it on the frame it picks up lots of the engine noise but if i mount it somewhere where its attached by the wire and leave the mic hanging free its loud but you can adjust that in windows movie maker.

Yeah this doesnt have a Separate audio track, its all recorded on a Codec called MJEPG (motion JEPG avi file).

So you cant adjust the sound level.

Its doesnt even play on windows media play untill you convert it to a MOV in movie maker.

There maybe some software for MJPEG’s that you can use to adjust the sound.

If anyone knows please let me know.

Its a big shame, coz more people would buy these is they sorted it out they must have known about it from the ACT 1000.

Only thing with having a cam on your bike on the road is it A. makes you ride a bit faster and B.makes you worry more about getting pulled, not a good combination!!

Shame bout the sound, cos that picture quality is excellent for a diddy cam

is very good quality,

i have an helmet cam…well its my mates that we use for downhill mountain biking was very similar…until we broke it thats what u get for nt doing ur helmt up and crashing…

Why am I not suprised at the amount of sky, lol. Good quality picture though

well hun i wana be seeing some of that of you this weekend!

actually mate, even without the foam that is MUCH better than the atc1000

check out this footage. it can’t cope at all (whats the code to imbed the vid again?)

actually, just realised yours is sheilded by the fairing whereas mine is on the side of the bike so might not be that much better…

do you have a pic of the mount?

Havent realy had a chance to try differnt mounting points, i just stuck it on the bars like so…

That first film with the better sound I extracted the audio from the MJPEG saved it as a wav then edit it I.E turned the sound down on it then used vurtual dub…

to merge them again…

Still waiting for them to get back to me about the mic in the cam, im going to try and fit another one.

BTW did you book silverstone

I’ve just found this place on the net that’s selling them for £100.

They’re based in Acton, so they would be quite handy to get to if anyone’s wanting to look at one of the cameras first before buying one!

ready when you are


the thing that struck me about that video… isn’t there a **** load of traffic in London

yes mate… thats why we need to get out of town as much as poss this summer…

I have friends that live in wales so going to plan a trip there this summer thay have land so we could camp!!

Definitely up for that Adz, however I would prefer a B&B, lol

LOL i was gona stay in there house and let everyone else camp anyways