At least one more cager now thinks bikers are great

On my commute this morning there was grid lock at a roundabout
caused by a broken down car. All the other cars were sounding
their horns and going nowhere.

I got off my bike and pushed the broken down car off the
roundabout to a parking space on a side road.

Phew, that got me well warmed up.

Good man yourself :slight_smile:

God job that man! We could become the knights of the road with this sort of behaviour :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

jay - Maybe we could start a service like the queens, LBOBE, LBMBE LBKNIGHT get a little badge and medal LOL

I’ve got a pack of gold stars left over we could use?

everyone has a golden rivet

speaking of awards are there plans to return to the forum status rating under the avatar? i.e. learner, roundabout scratcher etc?

i’ve done that twice now. cant understand why people would rather stop and get aggressive in their cars rather than stop to help…

once i stopped to help an old lady which car broke down on the exit slip before the hanger lane giratory. few minutes later a bike cop shows up and takes over, he looked at me funny though. couldnt shake off the feeling he was actually trying to chase me but then he couldnt tell me off as i was helping out…:smiley:

Sam needs something to track his activity :stuck_out_tongue:

KTM D, there’s plans for a scoring system, I guess we could attach some kind of level name to them. I was also thinking about badges, things you can achieve.

If you leave your corner can your score be demoted to “Nobber of the highest order?”

I’ve stopped my bike intentionally in front of a row of cars so I could help a lad who had dropped his motorbike and needed help. The cars were just driving around him right near his foot. Sorry, I used up the karma.

On the A4 West a chap was hit by a taxi and lying in the road being helped by passers by. The traffic building up behind became aggressive and tried to pass within 3 inches of the chaps body, then a procession of cars drove round the outside of a traffic island and into oncoming traffic to get past. After that a clown got out of his car and told us to move the taxi. I told him it was the scene of an accident and we were waiting for the police. All the while the accident victim was lying in the road. When the police arrived they closed the road at the previous junction. Doesn’t inspire confidence in human nature when the general motorists react like that.

You would be amazed at what people do/say at a fatal collision, they got more than just a head shake from me