At it again...bit better this time and one handed....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…better than the magic roundabout, melted my slider!

Lookin’ good :cool:

nice one dunk! I managed to showboat on the Bandit at the weekend! I sware it continues to impress me as an 8 year old street fighter. love it




nice one dude!

Where is this roundabout you all play on?

Might have to pop along and have a little plod around and see if i can join in.:stuck_out_tongue:

In all fairness to the locals in the area probably not wise advertising it as a cool spot to go scratching! :wink: So find your own :stuck_out_tongue:

Every round about is mine just thought i’d come and show you up on yours:w00t:

just avoid the one on the southside of the Rotherhithe tunnel…

slippery when wet :stuck_out_tongue:

well you could pm the people who would like to join you on YOUR roundabout. i might break out the gixer and join you for a little bit of sparky knee slider action :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

No its ok you stay on your roundabout, I’ll use all the others:P

Roundabout wars :stuck_out_tongue: I had a pi$$ in the middle of mine to mark my territory! Onlooking drivers looked confused. :hehe:

LMFAO!!:D:D just put arnie on terminate mode and get him to stand on teh roundabout:D jobs a good’un;)

I built my roundabout in the garden, V.I.P invite only…hahaha

Probably head up there for a bit tonight though Ratty if you’re at the BMM.

Good work Photo boy, you can’t knock the trusty Bandit, my friend has a 1250 as a loan bike as her rr is sick, she loves it and I think wants to keep it over her rr.

Oh yeah, hoping my tripod to attach to bike is on it’s way so more interesting angles coming soon, be prepared for a plethora of videos exciting to me but boring for everybody else…:D:P

poshibly dude very poshibly! tho i have to very slow punctures at the mo, a top up should sort it for a bit tho, when i say slow i mean very slow!:w00t::smiley: