At home again

Bored bored bored. right i have been off since wednesday coz my boss is ill. but been getting up at 6am just incase he does come into work. Cant get incontact with him to find out whats going on nor am i getting paid:angry:

Been out for ride on wednesday done some decorating yesterday what shall i do today?

It’s a nice morning, go for a ride, but how about going around to your boss’ house to show “concern” to see if he is ok?

tried calling him even sent few texts to see if he is ok, Havent heard from him. he should be ok. i havent a clue on where he lives, all i know he lives somewhere in burnham on crouch. im gonna paint the bathroom ceiling. what joys.


What do you do if the mere absence of your boss causes you not to be able to work?

work for morrisons gas services i lay new gas mains and relay the service pipe work back to the customers house. if the main boss or CP (compitent person) is not on site then we are not allowed to carry on working until he is on site. there are 4 of us in our group and if the CP isnt there then we all get a day off. just had his misses on the phone, he has the flu and will be back monday. :slight_smile:


I’ll pop by in an hour and drop the bike off for you to clean, may even give you a fiver to do it :smiley:

il clean anyones bike i really hate dirty bikes. bit of an OCD. :smiley:

Be round in 10, not leaving the keys through…

wanna clean mine 2 :smiley:

thats cool by me. I have watched so many episodes of dog the bounty hunter and scrubs, To much TV does make ya eyes go squire.


and mine, it’s in NW London, PM me if you want the details!:smiley:

mate of mine went to america and left his busa at mine for a week. when he came back he was shocked to see his bike all sparkling and shiny. every panel came off and was cleaned, chain grease off his swing arm etc. he was over the moon. Think i have a cleaning problem. :smiley:

Capitalise - charge for it:)

i did get a rather cool tattoo from him for nowt as a thank you :smiley:

should change your tag to MonicaGSXRTT

Also COD 5 came out this morning, I booted the missus out the house as I left for work to go and get my copy…

as soon as 6pm is here I’m off and glued to the 360 for the next week

Monica from friends? :w00t::laugh:

would yours make it to his place then curtis ? ;):smiley:

well im only in essex up near essex arena race way.