Astral Projection + Lucid Dreaming

I watch a guy called M13’s videos.

One recent one is about this topic.
Do any of you believe it works?

I didnt, until reading ‘THIS’

It does look incredible if it does work.
But it mentions people trying to attack you, even mentally, do you believe that it can cause any lasting effects mentally?

Its defiantly worth the read if you can get through it.

Heres the video:-

Well astral projection is clearly not real, but lucid dreaming is. I have had lucid dreams, they are very strange.

I think that Astral projection is just a by product of the way your brain works. Try and remember an incident that has happened to you recently, do you notice that you don’t really remember the incident from a first person perspective? You tend to “view” the incident from a fixed position nearby.

Our minds take in far more information through our eyes then we realise, but our brains don’t really bother to process most of it most of the time, but when you engage your memory, your brain recalls a lot of that information and you get an almost better view of the time and space that you are trying to recall.

This is, imo, what some people perceive as astral projection, the idea of being out of your body, it is just the way your brain reconstructs a memory. The more flowery of the recalling of such events, is the same as people who want to believe in psychics and want to believe in people who talk to the dead or want to believe in ghosts, they fill in their own gaps to fulfil their own personal desires.

Actual astral projection is patently impossible.


I had a mate looking into all this in the 80’s, seems not a lot has changed in the idea. The theory is that after a long period of deep relaxation the brain loses it perception on where in space the body is - this is due to the turning off of sensory input due to the intense relaxation.
Once it loses this perception it tries to reconstruct your world through its perceived mental image of your surroundings and as Kaos says this is usually a third person view of the world.

Due to these filters, the brains perception of ‘reality’ is easily misled, something magicians have been relying on for a very long time.

Its easy for these to be misinterpreted for almost spiritual or religious experiences.
The famous tunnel of light that people see in near death experiences is actually you photo receptors shutting down, the detailed central area being the last to ‘die’ which leaves a final circle of vision which can appear tunnel like. If brought back from the brink, this is the lasting memory of their experience.

Its always amused me that some think this theory is ridiculous, yet find the idea of a spirit self with the ability to fly around the astral plane quite believable.

There was an article on Lucid Dreaming the the new scientist a month ago…:smiley:

Just read the article and I have had similar experiences. Lucid dreaming yes and frankly so what.

Astral projection yes and it’s interesting but only particularly mystical or wierd when you add your preconceptions. During meditation you can have these out of body experiences and they are fine but can be disarming when it first happens and really you need to be in control of the situation otherwise it can feel unpleasant- bit like drug taking (so I’ve heard)- and possibly similar neurons are being stimulated? :slight_smile:

My experiences of Lucid Dreams could not in anyway be confused with reality. Even in my most lucid of dreams there were still things that were beyond my control within the dream. I knew i was dreaming, I had some control over my actions and even my surroundings, but I couldn’t do what I wanted on a whim.

Perhaps I am not very good at lucid dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucidity in dreams is very useful for dealing with nightmares. As someone who dreams a lot and in vivid technicolor I can take control of a dream if I want to. For example in the classic falling dream I can just say fine and open a parachute, drift down and land on a nubile nymph for example.:wink: One problem of lucid dreaming is that I have dreamt in detail about waking up, having breakfast, getting on the bike and going to work when still happily asleep. When I actually wake up it can be a bit of a mind phuck.:slight_smile:

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If you wake up, realise it’s a dream, but are enjoying it, can you go back to sleep and make it carry on? Someone told me this is quite rare.

Jetstream (30/07/2010)

Unfortunately I can’t do that- much as I’d like to on ocassion. Okay here’s an odd(?) one. Do you think the actual content/themes of your dreams is a learned or could it be a hereditary thing? Do you think it is possible to dream in tandem or pick up things from other peoples dreams. And going right out there- do you think it is possible to dream something from your future life? :slight_smile:

lessismore (30/07/2010)

Jetstream (30/07/2010)

No more than Derren Brown can really read your mind.

! Have you not seen inception!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have actually done this on several occasions! I’ve woken up, from a usually very nice dream in the early hours of the morning , in a state of semi conciousness and was able to make a decision as to whether I wanted to wake up properly or go back to sleep to finish what I was dreaming about. I’ve usually managed to continue the same dream as long as I make the decision within a few minutes.

The lucid dreams which are the most tragic for me - are the ones where I meet my ‘ideal woman’ - all the usual stuff - total chemistry - having a great time together, laughing at each others jokes etc.In the last one for example - I was with this woman - she was my ideal type - we were larking about in this Spanish coastal town - we ended up playing a game of tag on the beach - it was wonderful!

And then I woke up.

Alone . . .

Did these dreams involve gravel, a gsxr and bruises:PSorry fella i couldn’t help myself;)

unfortunately that one wasnt’ a dream :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote: ! Have you not seen inception!?

Errr no but if they’ve stolen my ideas I’ll sue!:stuck_out_tongue:

notice the guy’s stare following the girl in the short skirt crossing the road…:smiley:

I very rarely dream, or if I do, I very, very rarely remember them. And I certainly can’t control them, or get back to ones I was enjoying. Which is good because it means I also can’t remember nightmares when I try to get back to sleep.

However, I can remember a few dreams from when I was very little. One of them I was being attacked by an army of robots, then I fell off the edge of the world and woke up.

Do you smoke? I was much like you, very rarely ever rememberd any dreams. I found that when I gave up smoking I started having dreams again. They were really vivid for the first few months too, really intense, until I got used to them again. Now I dream all the time and remember loads but it is less intense.

Nope, don’t smoke, never have.

Maybe I just sleep that deep. Or I don’t sleep deep enough.