Assumtion is the mother of all f*** ups

I place a thread up earlyer in the week describing my electrical problems. Basically I’d done a service on the bike and during that time removed the rear sets whilst fitting new braded hoses and to give the chrome a shine :smiley:

Then I have a fuse keep popping every two mins no matter what I do! I ASSUME its the rear brake switch cos Its the only thing ive taken off! WRONG

Ive spent ages messing with the little bugger! Amp meter on it… yep thats fine. All normal here, connections, insulation all good… grrrrrr

Oh yeah theres a big scar through the main wiring loom near the bars and frame. MISSED THAT ONE


Jeez you got all the luck this week aint ya ? :slight_smile:

haha your not kidding!

do you want one more! I ordered a rear hugger in December they sent it out and it was shite. Nothing like described in the magazine or picture. (Deamon Tweeks) so returned it! Had to pay £15 for the privelege of returning their peice of crap. plus when they refunded my money they deducted the first lot of shiping. So cost me about £25.

Then ordered off a guy I found on the net who actualy is sound paid loads for it as it is well made. It arrived today and its for the wrong year/model of my bike!!!

I’m just not having fun anymore!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Deducting shipping for returned goods ordered mail order is in most cases illegal, as is putting you at cost for returning goods that are faulty or to as described .All you have to do is make sure the supplier has reasonable opportunity to collect the goods. Contact trading standards or CAB.


well like I said on the phone to miserable wench, “I wont be dealing with them again” its a shame because they are really good stockists of performance parts.

Really not having the luck at the moment