Assassin's Creed

I can’t wait for this game :smiley:

Definitely a cool game, the freedom feature where you can do or move anywhere in the environment is amazing :cool:. Check out the review:

I saw a video of this a couple of days ago…it looks super! Reminds me of Oblivion the elderscrolls, but darker. Can’t wait for it !! :cool:

Looks a bit like Theif which was a fantastic game…Bout 9 years back.

I hope it’s as good as hitman. Doesn’t come out for the PC until February though :frowning:

the original Thief was brilliant!

have being playing a bit of assasins creed on xbox 360, s’pretty but oh so repetitive, a bit of let down really, shame

I’ve heard that a lot, and they’ve extended the release date to next month. Still, I have to get it.