Asking the impossible, but...

Hey all

I’ve got a new job, currently their office is in Hampton but they’ll be moving over to Reading later this year

So, I need a bike! Will be doing a 70 mile round trip each day, M4 most of the way.

Now for the impossible bit:

I need a bike that has…
-full fairing
-cheap to run, maintain,

F800gs would tick most boxes

… Sorry, iPhone glitch.

Needs to be good on fuel and good in the motorway etc. also needs a decent generator to power heated gear etc…

Been looking at:

VFR800 (pre VTEC)

Kawasaki ZZR
Yamaha Teneré

Anyone got any more ideas? Or ridden / owned any of the above?

Also forgot to mention the BMW Funduro.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Cheers Jaime - look like the perfect choice but way out of my budget!

I also like the f800GT. Again though, not enough economical xenonf

Your requirements sound just like an old Honda engined maxi scooter!

Most bikes will be pretty easy on fuel lomping along in top at 70-80mph on the motorway .

See if you can find a Thundercat in decent nick - I had them for several years, and was very happy with the way that they handled!

I ride for a work bike a honda duaville ntv700 its good on fuel , shaft drive , good protection from wind etc, good on storage space, and diy maintenance engine, just looks boring.
Had a x9 500 piaggio maxi scooter as me own bike also a good bike to do motorways, but the engine died on Saturday oil pump failed causing total destruction, so I would not recommend one of these

Consider an NC700. It ticks most of the boxes and runs on fumes. I think it does about 200 to the tank.

FJR1300 does all that and more. :slight_smile:


I have a cheap Kawasaki ER6F for sale if you are interested!

I’d avoid the vfr’s, not that great on fuel.

if it was me, I’d go for a fazer 600.

Cheers for the suggestions guys, keep them coming! :slight_smile:

No to scooters, sorry, has to be a bike.

Dullsville looks like the sensible option but goodness me I’ve not even tried one and I’m bored of it already.

The FJR1300 and BMW1100 would be lovely but probably both out of my price range in terms of purchase cost and insurance…

Fazer 600, amazing bikes, I used to have a mk1

ST1100? Surprisingly fun, though not hugely economical.

I’ve got one that I keep meaning to get around to MoTing and selling, too…

… I used to have a mk1 but it didn’t have much spare electrical output which was the biggest downside.

I tend to find more comfort on a bike with lower (ie clip on) handlebars, but that’s not to say I might still find the right bike that has higher bars.

The way I usually do things is buy a shitter and do it up, because I enjoy it and it saves me a few quid.

NC700… Quite expensive aren’t they?


Who said anything about scooters???

the 7th post did