Asked before - but will do again

as I can’t remember the answer.

Just spotted a 13 year old van with 6k miles. Did the MOT check (to see if it’s 106) and it seems to be genuine mileage.

So if genuine…is just 6k in 13 years an issue?

what van ?
do a google search for common issues at that mileage …i admit i misread the milage …
6k … ok what was it doing …

if it has a dpf filter on the exhaust system it may get clogged quickly with the low use but it may clear it self with a good bit of use

Given the age it’s unlikely to have a dpf, but double check as Tim says can cause issues on low mileage.

Check to see if it’s had a service every year.

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''VW transporter. Converted camper, so possible someone had it for hols but never used it…

Still needs servicing every year. There are a lot things that need changing based on time rather than use. So no service no deal.

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when are you going to view?

Nothing arranged. Was going to check the co version and paperwoRk (re servicing) before calling in expert assistance :slight_smile:

some of the early t5 transporters had dpf .
But sounds a good van .


Viewing at 11 today in Ipswich. Will report back :slight_smile:

My car is an 05 and has a DPF that I’ve just had replaced for about £600. Even if it’s on the way out it’s not going to break the bank to have it replaced.

Dated and poor designed layout so won’t be taking this one further. Shame, as the engine genuinely purred :slight_smile:

Wasn’t there enough space to store your lentils and selection of tribal instruments?