ASB for parking in the garden

Need some advice, please.
We live in a ground council flat with a garden.
A neighbour has complained to the council with H&S concerns regarding the smell of petrol they claim come from our garden, this is not true, they also claim that we rev the bike up, also not true.
I’ve been parking our bikes there for over ten years without an issue.
The council have sent us an ASB notice to immediately remove the bikes.
Is there a way we could keep our bikes in our back garden?

Mate that sucks!

I had a similar problem with my neighbour a few years ago. I was fortunate enough though, that they were in her house when I pulled up, could see I was reasonable and told her to do one, we have since resolved our differences and everyone is happy again.

I don’t believe there is any guideline on parking distance from properties but I could be wrong, do you access the back garden through you’re own access or is it communal area?

Are the reasons above given as the reason for the ASB?

you need to read your tenancy agreement

& if your allowed you have to question the council on what checks they took or are they just taking there word for it  

I’d speak with your Housing Manager, find out the exact details and put in an appeal

I’d simply agree on the basis that they provide proof

I’d make sure I revved really loudly next time I’m leaving.

loud exhausts save lives piss neighbours off

loud exhausts save lives piss neighbours off
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So true.

To be fair, they don’t have to provide proof of its against the tenancy/ lease agreement to have motor vehicles in the garden…

That’s the starting point. Then fight the anti social behaviour claim

This thread though is worrying… Someone can apply for an asbo and it can be granted without the other party having a chance to put their case forward???

Sounds moronic but wouldn’t surprise me

Ask them to provide supporting evidence of your neighbours’ claims?

Unfortunately, if you aren’t allowed to park them there, you may need to move them for a couple of months until the matter has been superseded by other pressing bureaucratic nonsense. 

You could always reply to the council and inform them of the moped crime, and ask that they put ground anchors in if that’s your concern?

Have you actually spoken with the neighbours in a civilised manner ?

You mean people speak to each other in block of flats in London???

Compromise is everything with things like this, as is detail. Bottom line is that if you’re expressly not allowed to keep bikes in the back garden you’re snookered. If not, the simple application of dialogue, reasonableness and common sense should sort something out. Agree not to start bikes up? Wheel them into a communal car park? Stuff like this won’t be too ardous and will help you store your bikes safely.