As good as it looks in the mags (if not better)

Called in at Vauxhall Metropolis over the w/e to sort out a test ride on a Daytona 675, but I got a little distracted…they’ve got a 1098S in there and I can confirm it looks even better in the flesh. It is absolutely stunning and looks “finished” in a way I’ve never seen a Ducati pull off. Very, very up to date looking while retaining the 916 series style.

Now if there was a 750ish version that cost about the same as the Triumph I’d be tempted :slight_smile:

Say hello to Bob Brennan for me at Metropolis.

… ace number one geezer,#

Mention my name ( Ross ) and you may get a discount


Damn 3Zero3 I’ve been too busy to get down there…

Would they allow a test ride of the 1098?

They were very rude about me testing out some litre bikes…

When I enquired about an R1 and a RSV Mille test ride, the guy in sales said something like…

“What do you need to know? Ones a twin with lots of grunt and ones a inline 4 which needs rev”

I walked away…That was infact the second time they denied me a test ride

Dunno how they know my rep

I also first saw the 1098s this past weekend and actually had quite a different impression. I honestly thought that being an S model there would be a few more nice bits of bling included in the hefty price tag.

Wrote a little something about it here -

I’d love to see a 1098 “in the flesh”…but the only dealer in my area that carried Ducati got out of the Duc business.

As an aside, I test rode a Daytona 675 last summer…and WOW…that bike was wicked huge fun. Excellent motor…great handling…and just FUN…the power seemed so much more “usable” than my GSX-R750.

The sales guy (who was perfectly nice and helpful), said he was hoping to get out on it and run it in :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% but I think the tires were brand new so it might not have been anywhere yet.

Say hello to Bob Brennan for me at Metropolis.

Is he the triumph guy? If he is I’ve already talked to him but lost his business card.

On what grounds can they deny a test ride? Surely if you have a valid license and proof of address and credit card. Is it up to the management as to whether they like the look of you or not.

Went to see the 1098 today at Metrop. It’s for midgets I tell you!

Won’t be getting one unless they put Baybio on it

Strange…only one dealer in this area grants test rides…the Triumph dealer…I don’t know how in the hell the other dealers expect someone to go drop 10 grand (or more) on a new bike having never ridden it…but they do…and people still buy them.

Seems like a load of ****e to me…but I might feel differently if I OWNED the dealership and all of the inventory strangers were asking to take out for test rides. :shrug