Artist wanted!

Hi all, i have a dilema …in the process of doing up me new home before we move in and my daughter who is Dragon mad(especially spiro)wants a dragon wall! and i was wondering if there are any peeps on here who could do a mural of dragons on her bedroom wall? anyone do airbrushing?

have passed this onto a m8 of mine, hopefully he will get back to ya.

He a good artist, with paint too, lol. last i knew he was painting bouncy castles, lol also starting tattoing. always into his art though but uses brushes not airbrush, done some top murals on his trike too, that not suitable fer yer daughters room though.

If you wanna mail him, his address is: [email protected]


Can you ask him if he’s any good at dragons…

wow that sounds great!! glad i dont let my 2 lose they would want:: WHRESTLERS ON ONE AND ALL BLACKS (RUGBY): ON THE OTHER…WORLD WAR IN MY HOUSE;!! LOVELY

Kid’s eh! at least me little lad is bike mad so just got some calming blue wallpaper(he’s autistic)then stuck a dirtbike border round the middle he’s happy!

But still need someone to do this ere dragon mural…Anyone…

why dont you have a go yerself?

Try the grid system, get a pic of a dragon spiro should be easy enuff, draw a grid 10x10 squares that will just cover said picture then draw a grid bigger size you want the dragon but keeping the same amount of squares that you have on the little picture, then just copy the picture to where they go on the squares, going square by square. you’ll be surprised ow good it will come out.
to colour in just use yer normal household paint that u use on walls, just go buy sample pots.

Well…i had thought about doing it meself…but i’d cheat and use a projector

Anyone got one?

I’ve got an airbrush and an air compressor.

I usually only do detail work, or broad base coating. I’ve never tried large free hand or even used a stencil. I’d imagine a stencil might be the way to go but with my experience, it’d be 2-tone. Wall colour and dragon stencil colour… probably end up with something that would give your daughter nightmares… (“Can’t sleep, dragons will eat me…”).

I used to do that when I painted backdrops for nightclubs, it’s a great old trick but your body does tend to get in the way. The grid system is the best!

I can’t do dragons btw

How do. Im a Tattooist, Cartoonist, and a very good artist. I dont airbrush but I have done kids rooms and Dragons I Love doing dragons. I can bring with me my flash books and Art books that have all the dragons a young dragon enthusiast needs.




1 (81).jpg

God thats 1 dam ugly dragon, the 2nd pic, lol.

Wasp, that is said fellow i said about in me previous post.

Welcome m8y.

Thanks for the input guy’s

Thanks for the email Tony i will give you a ring 2mora

See if ya can draw spyro or cynder as me daughter keeps going on about those 2 dragons!KID’S…

spyro or cynder Hmmm no much of a challange but I dragon netherless.




Lol…according to my daughter that bottom dragon is’nt cynder it’s…cyril!! he’s an ice dragon…she put me in my place lol

Ok ok ok cynder…hmmm what about this one




Love that top pic! She seems to like the dark mythical style so it looks good with the purple wallpaper