Arsenal staff

Arsenall staff were seen planting potatoes in the centre

circle of there ground last night.

A spokesman said it was so they had

something to lift at the end of the season


Ha ha ha ha ha…now feck off :stuck_out_tongue: :crying:

We were robbed, but on the plus side - THEO THEO

That hopeless lanky Swiss pr*ck Senderos needs to be sent packing back to the land of Toblerone though

yet another classic Anfield night :smiley:

And i have tickets to the Final so we had better beat the boys in Blue.

What a game, and why on earth did no one just hack Theo down as it would have been a yellow at worst

One of the best runs i have seen in a long time, just give him a few more years

Laugh now boy, but you wait as we will do it next year.

still the best team around, gotta give the rest a chance :smiley:

A packet of crisps 30p

New Sidi boots £189

The look on Andyp69 face when Arsenal lost priceless


LMAO Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa :smiley:

Spurs to finish a season with more Silverware than the Arse… wonders will never cease! :slight_smile:

spotted this a few months back n you tube, new to the site so dont know if its been posted here before:)

not workin? try again

one last try:w00t:

Was just sent this, not sure if it is funny as I am not a footie fan ;):Whistling:



:w00t:Arsenal fans wont be too impressed especially after yesterdays result:):slight_smile:

Arsenal F.C.
End of Season Dinner Dance

Egg on Face
Seasoned Hash
Frogs legs (past their best)
Spanish Surprise (well beaten)

Main course
Humble Pie
Chump Chops
French (has) Beans
Manager’s Beef (not rare)
Catch of the Day - (gutted)
NB: everything is imported, nothing is home grown.

Sour Grapes (may be hard to swallow)
Fruitless Tarts
Raspberry Fools
Hard Cheese

Little Spirit
French Whine
Cabernet Empty 2008
Champagne - sorry none ordered