Arsenal Season tickets

Bit of an odd one here , I have been offered a season ticket which I will be unable to take up.

If anyone is interested can you PM me please.

Waits for all the abuse about football to arrive :stuck_out_tongue:

How much?


How much Abuse?

Plenty for Gooners…


I saw a kid trying to climb over a wall at the Emirates last season…policeman ran up and shouted “Oi you, come back and watch like the rest of us”

Starting to think this was a bad idead esp with the LAME jokes !!! :smiley:

It will depend Alex , litterally choose a seat from the list thats availble , think the bracket is £1000-£1300

Here’s a few more:hehe:

Why do people take an instant dislike to Arsenal ??
It saves time.

Why do Arsenal fans whistle on the toilet ??
So they know which end to wipe.

Why do Arsenal men like smart women ??
Opposites attract.

What do you call an Arsenal fan in a 3 bedroom semi ??
A burglar.

Did you hear about the Conservative MP who was found dead in an Arsenal strip?
The police had to dress him up in women’s underwear in order to save his family from the embarassment.

What do you call an Arsenal fan with half a brain ??

How do the braincells of an Arsenal fan die ??

Why should you not allow Arsenal fans a coffee break at work ??
Because it takes too long to retrain them.

Oh cmon Chris , those were poor !

Well you don’t expect any GOOD Arsenal jokes do you??::w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

i would invest but im one of the away boys

lol, I hate Arsenal - but the guy who sits next to me at work wanted to know!


I have a paper shredder if it helps. :slight_smile:

Dont you start as well !

Shouldnt you be massaging ur behind by now ?

Do you think the tickets would be any good for that?

I can see your pain and bruising hasnt dulled your wit Chris !!


thats rich coming from someone advertising a megasore butt ride

lol !

I should have known you liked the Arse n all. :smiley:

Yeap and im coming for yours next mark :w00t: