arsenal match

i have one free ticket to watch the arsenal game kick off 2pm it says on ticket pm me if you want to come

its actually two games inter malian v valencian kick off at two then arsenal vpsg at 4.15 i think

anybody wanna come, i dont want nothing for the ticket

argh, I’m at work otherwise I would have loved to!! I’ve never been to a live match and I’m dying to get to one.

what about afro r1 is he a arsenal fan

please call him for me and post to let me know

I’ve left Afro a message

Cheers Ginger for letting me know but i was out getting are holiday gear sorted.

just got back, it was amazing was up in one of the boxes on level 2 could see everything

espically arsenals goal in the first half

shame none of you could come had a fantastic time

thanks for the offer ginger

i wont forget it through the season when tickets come my way.


As much as I hate the Arsenal … I would have paid to be there Ginger, sorry i missed this matey, I would have taken you up on this and given you a few quid for it too if I’d seen this at the time. Let me know if you have spare one again, if I’m not working I’ll be there.

i bet you would trojan these tickets arnt cheap

here is a fe pics with the view i had notive there is a piece of glass in one of them well just behind us and there are the boxes what awesom viewing was had up there





Sorry ginge, didnt see your post till today? son would have loved to have gone if he could have, but he was playing a friendly yesterday himself…getting ready for this season an all that…sounds like you had a good time though…

thanx for the call Ginge, I am gutted. 1200 miles is a killer of a round trip though!!

Glad you had a good time, shame the ticket went to waste though.

Ginger, you should have called as I would have gone…well, that is part true and part not. After all I would eat 3 bottles of glass, search for 2 forks to put into my eyes, find some used needles from a HIV user and while there drink 3 pints of his used blood before every watching the French lads who jumped ship from South London play football

Come on Liverpool ( I know we are turning into a Spanish team but you have to agree that the girls from Spain are loads better looking and smell better )

What is a ‘football’? Can it do wheelies?

thanks for ringing me ginger if it was not at short notice i would have come .thanks anyway



Very Harsh!

Come on mate my brother is a gooner and you know how hard it is to live with someone who would not let a Liverpool flag in the house (after the 2 goal come back ) and would always remind me that we have never won the prem .

Sorry mate but I’ve had stick for years now on this lack of getting the prem and that is the reaon for the post. Not trying to start trouble but trying to get my own back for our F/up in the league every year

Everytime he says prem just say euro!!

Take the euro! I want the prem!!!