Arse, arse, arse

Just finished 12 hour shift at work and gone out to find a screw in the rear tyre, just what I really needed.


Always the way… nails and screws only appear when you’ve had a shit day…

found a screw in the sole of my boot today…hoping it’s not come off the bike!

I suspect it’s one of the disadvantages of working on building sites - next week I’m going to make the guys take screws out of the stores one at time as required :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know somewhere to get a tyre plugged near Ashtead/Leatherhead? The fella who came out yesterday wouldn’t plug it and just recovered me back home, reckon it’ll hold OK for a local trip to repair but don’t much fancy going all the way to FWR with the tyre gradually deflating.

is P&H closer? otherwise no.

Steve Jordans is just around the corner from there