Arrow Exhaust for Triumph Street

I’ve got a Triumph Street Triple on order (should be ready to pick up in July).

The question is, should I buy a pair of Arrow exhausts (not the “low Boy” version)?

I’ve got a pair of Arrows on my Speed Triple, and they’re fantastic! Not so loud as to be offensive, but enough to give a decent presence on the road, and of course a big grin on yer mug! :smiley:

I’ve got a street and I’m thinking exactly the same thing…The demo bike I rode had the arrow slip on’s and they were lovely…

Now, I’m trying to work out whether I want the slip on’s or the 3 into 1 system… does the 3 into 1 come with baffles to make it road / track legal?

for those out there with “loud” exhausts - what happens from an MOT perspective? Do you have to put the other exhaust system on? What are the penalties if you are stopped by the police?

the Zard system sounds quite nice too…

What colour street are you getting mate?

well MOT’s…if you go to a decent place like essential you have no worries…thye just inform you its noisy and that you really should do somthing about it…:wink:

with teh police, well my SV is loud, never had any probs at all, if i did i just kindly inform them teh baffle fell out:w00t:

oh and most police really hate small plates not loud pipes:cool:

What is the deal with small plates? is there a minimum size? ie, mine is still stock from the dealer, is that the smallest I can get it?

I like Arnie’s!!! haha, mental idea, just need to make sure it doesnt fall off!:smiley:

As far as MOTs go - I just pop the baffles back in for the test. They’re dead easy to remove/refit, just a big circlip holds them in. The Arrows are not much louder than the stock exhausts with the baffles in TBH, which is why my baffles spend most of their lives on a shelf :smiley:

I’m getting the roulette green (Mid life crisis colour) :DI spoke to my Triumph dealer & he said the low boy 3 into 1 doesn’t come with baffles & they are not road legal (even though he has that system on his Speed Triple). They are £ 750 compared to the slip on’s which are road legal unless you take out the baffles which can be replaced quiet easily & they are £ 650.I think, I might treat myself & get the Arrows (which have Triumph engraved on them) slip on system, with the added plus of being road legal, if you want & baffle replacements for MOT’s.

If you are getting new cans - consider getting your ECU remapped while at the dealers. They should do it for free if you’re buying the cans off them, it’s only about 10 mins work :slight_smile: I got mine done after I had my Arrows on, and it made a big difference.

I’ve heard a few people talk about remapping… what does it mean? when you say it makes a big difference, in what way?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Yeah i used to have a twin arrow setup on my 1050 too, lovely looking set of pipes, just a bit on the quiet side for my liking, so i wen the Mivv GP route

If you lift your seat you’ll see a socket (looks like one of the old printer parallel plugs!) - on my Speedy it’s next to the battery. Basically the mech takes an electronic doohickey and plugs it into the socket on your bike, and downloads a new fuelling map to your ECU. There’s one specifically for Arrow exhausts.

When I fitted my pipes I found that the throttle bogged slightly from low revs, and there was a hell of a lot of popping and spluttering on overrun. Remapping sorted all this out, although there is still a slight burble on overrun, which I quite like anyway :slight_smile:

Very nice! I was considering the Mivv GP, but the Arrows came up on Visordown at a price I couldn’t refuse :smiley: Is it much louder than the Arrows?

Yeah it is much louder looks good and costs about 180 in carbon, has the removable baffle too. The arrows look better though, but i could never get mine to sit parallel to each other when on the bike for some reason - probably just my hammer and bleeding knuckles style of fitting;)

What are the Miv ones like? were they particularly pricey?A lad in my office has the Zard low boy on his speed trip and he raves about the sound… I do still think I like the two up by the seat though…

I’ve got exactly the same problem with mine - they’re just not quite square… Dunno what it is, there’s not much room for maneouvre with the link pipes. One of those springs did make a bid for freedom at one point, spent about half an hour looking for the bloody thing - travelled about 10 feet!

I’ve heard really good things about the Mivv exhausts, they sell them direct from the factory through ebay as well.

maybe you bought the ones i used to have:D sell your arrows and buy two mivv’s with change:cool:. If you wanna check mine out just let me know… think we’ve met briefly on camden road some time back btw… in fact i think it was you that put me onto this site, co cheers for that:hehe:

The 3-into-1 low slung Arrow system is the daddy.

I wish I had got the Triumph dealer to install the 3-into-1 on my Speed Triple. And they have a new fuelling map ready for the ECU. Easy job.

Well, the arrow’s do look good, I’ll be considering those - I’m collecting my new (to me 06 model)) Trip Saturday morning - It has the Triumph race cans that look similar to the standard cans ( I think?) - It comes with the standard cans too.

I’ll see how I go with the Triumph race cans - they sound pretty good, plus look ‘standard’ so might not attract Lily law like obvious aftermarket pipes do.

Gotta change that rear number plate hanger though, that’s just 'orrible!

R&G tail tidy on its way then;) If money was no object the Arrow 3 into 1 would be my choice too, but then 800 quid or 180 (i know its a full system but still;)) and the arrow 3 to 1 map works fine with the mivv

Hehe - that was a while ago now! :smiley: Didn’t you have a Remus or Zard can or something back then?

Good to have you on board mate! :slight_smile: