Arrow 3 in 1 exhaust for Triumph Street Triple R - Road legal?

Hi all,

I’ve had my Street Triple R for a year and a half now but these last couple of weeks are the only time I had ridden it in vaguely warm weather and I have noticed that there’s a lot of heat coming from the exhaust just under the seat. I suspect that this will only get worse as the weather improves and in the interest of comfort (and preserving my fertility) I have been considering installing the Arrow 3-in-1 exhaust.

This would solve the problem as the exhaust pipe that currently sits under the seat and right between my legs would disappear. However, the exhaust is not road legal. How serious an issue is this and is there anything that can be done to make it road legal?

Any advice and views greatly appreciated


You prob won’t get much hassle from the police, they’ve better things to do normally. However come MOT time you will have to put a road legal one back on - I don’t know whether you can mod it enough. Perhaps a custom baffle is all it will take.

But Arrow are the way for Triumphs, no question.

Cheers for that. How do I go about getting a custom baffle?

pm powerpuff girl her over half builds exhausts etc etc

Thanks for that Curtis. I’ve emailed them this morning and will update with the outcome.