Arranging Test Rides

Has anyone any good tips on how I can arrange a test ride on a GSX 1250FA? On the Suzuki website the nearest demo bike is in Peterborough!

I gave my details to Suzuki and the bike show, they’ve not even been in touch. I’ve tweeted them, they said they would help but then stopped replying…

Am I silly for thinking I need to ride a bike before I buy it?

try ayegees in welling they might have one they had a 650f when I wanted to try even though suzuki said they didnt

You could try calling dealers around you, or take a ride up to Peterborough, it’s not far.

Just call around. One dealer has to have it.

This is a bit pathetic from Suzuki, don’t they want to sell their bikes!?

Try Metropolis ( they have more or less everything there.

+1 for metropolis, they’ll get one in for you to try if they don’t have it on the shop floor

Thanks all. I popped back in to Geomoto, which is literally a couple of minutes away from me (they have a GSX 1250FA for sale, but no demo) just to ask them again if there is anything they can do. They were just shutting up, but he said he would make some calls next week. Apparently it’s the end of Suzuki’s financial year at the end of March, which is why a lot of demo bikes are sold on, but at the same time he thinks they’ll be eager to make a sale. We’ll see I guess.

@AndyCr15 - I recommend you test ride one but do shop around as there are some good deals to be had on those. I’ve seen them for as little as £5k with 1500 miles 2010 model on the clock. Let someone else loose the depreciation. Also, you could probably get it cheaper than £5k if you do some haggling.

It’s a fair point. Although, one of the main reasons I’m doing this is to have a nice long warranty again :slight_smile:

Best scenario I guess would be like with my Varadero, which was 3 months old when I bought it.

Have you tried P&H Motorcycles in Crawley? It’s a big shop so I would be very surprised if they don’t have one for you to try. You may have to pay though but that should get taken off the price if you end up buying from them.

My bike has the same engine and still going strong after 48k miles, no problems experienced, hardly uses any oil, and has more power and torque than I will ever need.