Arnie's Photo Attack - 20.06.2008

Found some camera in the office the other day:)

Full gallery from yesterday here:

Small preview:

If anyone wants to download/link any of the pictures they are here:

Enjoy !

Nice one Adrian!

Oh boy you are gonna be a dead man :laugh:

Glad he didn’t put the nude ones up where I was stripping at the stunt spot :w00t:

I left them to go on my company site :D:D We will talk later about profit percentage for you:P

Thanx Arnie :slight_smile:

Just finished looking at them, nice one Arnie you got a bit of everything in that lot from start to finish. I feel rather drunk n boss eyed now :smiley:

Dang, nice. Even got my gaffa tape there!

Can’t wait to see the pr0n, Ange :wink:

hahahaha theres one of me you can delete too!..before Ang catches up with ya:D…please…

Great photos :wink: anybody recommend a good plastic surgeon???